Recovery and Renewal: Your essential guide to overcoming dependency and withdrawal from sleeping pills, other ‘benzo’ tranquillisers and antidepressants by Bliss Johns is now available at most branches of Blackwell’s Bookstore as well as online at Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada and The Book Depository.

R R W Publishing offers volume discounts (minimum order of 10 books).  For more  information and to place orders please email:

You can also ask your local bookstore or library to order it for you, quoting the ISBN number which is: 978-0957213005.

All proceeds from the sale of the Recovery & Renewal book will be paid to the Recovery Road charity to assist with services and upkeep of this site.


Ashton Manual

This is an essential and highly recommended read for users, families and carers and, most importantly, all professionals who work with people affected by benzodiazepines and antidepressants. Here is the link:



A wide selection of books on benzodiazepines can be purchased from:


Another good book on benzodiazepines is The Benzo Book by Jack Hobson-Dupont. Here is the link for further information:

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