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“Recovery and Renewal” is an essential guide for overcoming dependency and withdrawal from sleeping pills, other benzodiazepine tranquillisers and antidepressants. It is a useful, insightful and incredibly courageous book which delivers everything you need to know before, during and after. Family and friends will better understand the experience and will be equipped to give support. Doctors, counsellors, rehabilitation staff, recovery and mental health organisations will gain invaluable insight critical to providing best care.

All sale proceeds will go to our charity’s account as a source of self-funding. So instead of royalties being split between publisher and author, Recovery Road earns 100%. This has been an excellent decision for us as it is helping us to be able to continue providing our services.


“Recovery and Renewal” is much more complete. If you already have “Benzo-Wise” (its old version), here are the changes so you can decide if you would like to buy this new one.

- It now includes antidepressant information with an ‘About Antidepressants’ section added to the ‘How They Work’ chapter.
- Additional information added to the ‘Symptoms’ chapter.
- A new chapter on starting over and avoiding stress entitled ‘Your New Chapter’ has been added.
- Excerpts from emails received over the years from people who are now recovered, and have given permission, have been added to the ‘Success Stories’ chapter.
- More coping tips added to the ‘Coping’ chapter.
- Added new information to the ‘Supporting Someone in Withdrawal’ chapter.


The following “Benzo-Wise: A Recovery Companion” reviews are also applicable to “Recovery & Renewal”

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This is a review of “Benzo-Wise” published in the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association - March 2011 issue: Review of “Benzo-Wise” in the Norwegian Medical Association’s Journal

Here is the original article: “Benzo-Wise: A Recovery Companion” Review


A few of the Amazon Reviews:

Benzo-Wise: A Recovery Companion - A Bestseller! May 18, 2009

By Benzo Survivor (USA)

If only I had read this book when I was going through my withdrawal experience, I would have been much more prepared and informed of what I needed to do to cope. The author tells her personal story in a way that offers lasting reassurance and heartfelt compassion to those dealing with the benzo experience. Written with a light and positive tone, the reader is given an uplifting message of encouragement and most importantly hope. What’s more, the author reaches out to send a powerful message of awareness to doctors, caregivers and society in general. If you are going through withdrawal from any sort of medication or know of someone who is, this book will become a constant “companion.” And for those who are not familiar with the horrors of drug addiction, it will open your eyes and mind to serious ramifications of benzodiazepine usage in society.

Inspirational self-help book, 17 May 2009

By Wordlady (England)

I read Benzo-wise because I’m a volunteer on a mental health helpline. This book has really helped me to understand what some of our callers are going through and particularly how long it can take to feel fully well. The author writes really clearly in a way that’s easy to understand and she doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects. She manages to tell her own particular story and balance that with information that is helpful to anyone going through benzo withdrawal whatever their situation. Friends and family should read it too.

A light for the journey, May 19, 2009

By Heather (Northwest, US)

As a regular visitor of the Benzo Wise website, I was thrilled to hear that Baylissa Frederick was publishing a book to help all of us going through benzo withdrawal. I had many reactions after reading the book (all of them positive) but the biggest was a sense of gratitude that the author was sharing her story and in a sense validating what all of us in withdrawal are experiencing.

Baylissa’s writing is gentle, reassuring and you feel as if you are not alone on this journey, but that she is there cheering you on. She covers all aspects of the recovery process from tapering to coping to visits with disbelieving doctors. The format of the book is sensitive to those coping with brain fog, comprehension problems and memory disruptions. During my difficult waves (especially the anxiety) Baylissa’s writing and coping suggestions have helped me tremendously. I would recommend this book highly to anyone going through any kind of withdrawal or chronic illness as well as anyone in the medical or mental health community as there is a section for doctors as well as counselors.

Best Book Ever for Benzo Recovery, March 19, 2010

By H V “Survivor” (Auckland, NZ)

I would be lost without this book as I am in the middle of a very difficult withdrawal coming off Zopiclone (z drug similar to benzos). This book is literally saving my life with skills I can use to cope with my withdrawal and point me in the right direction to give me so much hope. This author has been there herself and her commonsense attitude towards supplements and other issues is up to date. Her compassion and understanding can only be written by someone who has been there. I read this book daily sometimes twice a day to get me through my toughest times. I do not know how I would have survived without it. Best benzo recovery book ever.

This book covers it all!, July 10 2009

Benzo Survivor (Canada)

As a benzo survivor, I applaud Baylissa Frederick for writing a comprehensive guide which encompasses every aspect of benzo withdrawal.No other benzo book has ever been written with such a positive message of hope and encouragement. I’ve been searching for a benzo book that enlightens as well as informs, and this is exactly what I discovered when I read Benzo-Wise. The reader will be uplifted and inspired by the author’s personal account of her withdrawal journey. Benzo users who seek recovery will be empowered and reassured after reading this book. What’s more, the author reaches out to the greater medical community to promote understanding and awareness of the issues associated with benzo dependency and withdrawal. Clear and concise and easy to read, I highly recommend this book!

Excellent aid for psychotherapists and counsellors, 6 Jun 2009

By D D Lewis

As a psychotherapist, I was very impressed with this book. It is very well written, easily readable without unnecessary jargon and obviously written from the heart. I feel as if I can really relate to the author’s experience and will share this book with my colleagues. I will also be recommending it as essential reading for clients dependent on tranquillisers and antidepressants and their families.

Amazing Book, January 11, 2010

By K S P (Portland, Oregon)

I was so lost in my struggle with Klonopin. I had been taking 4 mg for over two years and I was terrified. I found Baylissa’s book on the internet and boy, what a resource. I read her story and found courage. She pointed in the direction of internet forums and from there I found hundreds if not thousands of others who were walking the same journey as me, and with the support, I began my taper. Fast forward six months, and today I am benzo free. I did it. My healing is progressing very well and for sure, I am on the upswing. This is a must read for anyone who had found themselves in the benzo trap. It can be done and it is a joy to be free today.

A Must Read for Anyone in Recovery or Knows Someone Who Is!, January 6, 2010

By S L G (Cincinnati, Ohio)

I started reading this book when I was just over a year off of the meds that I am withdrawing from. I choose this book because it was suggested through a benzo-withdrawl support group that I belong to. In this book, Baylissa has created a setting of reality of what many of us are going through with her own personal experience. It is a book that I pray many will not HAVE to read, but MUST read if you are experiencing the harsh reality of benzo withdraw, regardless of what stage of the process you are in. The book is simple to comprehend which could be difficult at some stages in the withdrawl process. As for myself, after reading this book, it left me with courage to fight on to see the other side of this maddness. Her tone throughout the entire book is warm and inviting and leaves you with a sense of confidence that recovery is just around the corner.

A Must Read for Every Benzo Victim and Support Person, August 27, 2009

By  G B (Boston, MA)

For years people have asked me to write a book on my experience with tranquilizer withdrawal and I just hadn’t done it yet. I feel that I never have to write that book now because Baylissa has done such a wonderful job in her book that I feel comfortable knowing what I wanted to do, has been done. Only someone going through the pain of withdrawing from this class of drug can understand the pain and suffering and the amount of support and understanding we need and Baylissa has done a fantasic job in her book with not only sharing her experience, but giving sound advice to help someone through their experience. I cannot say enough how much I am recommending this book to anyone who needs to have validation and reassurance that you will get your life back after your withdrawal from tranquilizers.

Very helpful book, January 15, 2010

By Michele D (NJ United States)

I think this book was excellent. It was easy reading and the author did a great job at explaining symptoms and also defining them. As a benzo survivor there is nothing more than needing constant reassurance that what you are feeling is benzo related and that you have somewhere to look (back of the book) when symptoms kick in and you cannot explain what you are feeling or you want to see that it IS a withdrawal symptom. The author did a great job at explaining the process from tapering to what happens in withdrawal to the different occurances different people can feel. I myself am a benzo victim. I have been experiencing the benzo withdrawal syndrome for over 2 years now. With alot of in betweens which is usually the case. But I encourage not only the suffers to read this but for professionals as well. Its VERY important that the word gets out just what these drugs do to people.

This book gives hope, 30 Jan 2010

By Luke M  (United Kingdom)

Benzo withdrawal is one of the most difficult of all life experiences. Doctors and medical community are woefully deficient in their understanding and support, and sufferers are usually left on their own to cope. In the early stages the lack of knowledge can be very frightening - people often think they are going mad, or have some other disease. And when withdrawal goes on for month after month - or longer - sufferers despair that they will never get better.

This is the best of the books designed to help with withdrawal. Part of its success comes from the relentless positivity and attitude of the author during her own experience, which she relates through sections from her journal. In the face of her dreadful ordeal she managed to keep her head up, reminding herself that this is temporary, that we all heal, that a positive reframing of the pain makes it possible to get through each day. Her spirit is infectious and on many, many occasions I have re-read chapters to help lift me out of the benzo gloom.

This is also the book I give to friends and family. It has lots of clear information about withdrawal symptoms and process, and is an easy read - essential for those like me whose intellect has been (temporarily) impaired by this ghastly experience.