You know that question about being stranded on an island and being given the choice of  taking one book or CD or person with you? Well, when it comes to withdrawal, if given that type of choice - what coping tool could you not do without - it would have to be Acceptance.  It certainly makes the process a million times smoother. It really does!

Acceptance, or not resisting symptoms, is by far the most important requirement for efficiently managing  withdrawal  symptoms– whether due to an antidepressant, benzodiazepine or painkiller. To resolve to cope successfully without fully accepting the presence of the symptoms is unrealistic and you can literally become traumatised. Not resisting the symptoms is what makes the difference between barely surviving withdrawal and coping well.

The best way to do this is to go with the feelings you are having without struggling or attempting to stop them. The more you fight them, the more intense they become. At first this can be challenging but as you learn to observe the way in which your body (and mind) react to what is happening, you will find that you can make a mental note of it without becoming overwhelmed. Even if your anxiety levels are extremely high, you can simply surrender; resolve to do nothing but be with the feeling of your hands shaking, heart beating fast, agitation or however it manifests.

You will eventually notice that with practice you will be able to accept that what is happening is a necessary part of your healing -  your journey to recovery.


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