In this section information on diet, nutrition, supplements, stimulants, forums and how long recovery takes is provided. What is shared here is extremely valuable when making decisions which will help you to manage your withdrawal. If you have a mild dependency with very few symptoms, you may not need to make many modifications to your diet and lifestyle. Still, it is good to be aware of these issues – even someone not in recovery can incorporate the techniques into daily living.


Some people are able to eat normally during withdrawal as they do not experience gastric disturbances. Others with these problems find that a simple diet helps. A minority are mega sensitive to just about everything including food, additives, sweeteners, etc. and have to study labels and Google every ingredient. They eventually end up being ‘human wikipedias’. Hopefully, this is not you.

Caffeine is a stimulant which, if you are already hyper-excitable and are experiencing sleep difficulty, you may want to avoid or consume only early in the day. Those who are having a difficult withdrawal are advised to completely omit caffeine. If you are accustomed to having several cups of coffee or tea daily, it is best to gradually reduce your intake rather than suddenly abstain. Remember too, that decaffeinated beverages also contain a small but notable amount of caffeine.

Fluctuations in blood sugar affects some users and sugary food (which excite the nervous system) can cause an exacerbation of symptoms. Many find that once they cut out or reduce their sugar intake, the symptoms lessen in intensity. If you have a sweet tooth, stevia and yacon syrup are good and safe sugar substitutes. Yacon syrup is a natural, raw, low-calorie sweetener made from the root of the yacon plant. Stevia is another natural sweetener made from the leaf of the stevia plant. They both have negligible effects on blood glucose.

Other reported culprits during withdrawal are mono sodium glutamate (MSG), chocolates, which contain both caffeine and sugar, spirit vinegar, aspartame and very strong spices. Eliminating wheat is recommended if you are having to cope with bloat, constipation or benzo belly and watch out for processed ready meals which contain chemicals. It is not necessary to drink gallons of water, but drinking adequate amounts is advisable.

Consuming small, frequent meals that contain foods with low glycaemic levels is believed to be of value to those with blood sugar fluctuations. Carbohydrates that break down slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the blood stream, have low glycaemic levels. Highly glycaemic foods like donuts, muffins, white bread, sugary cereals, etc. cause the nervous system to become even more excitable (which we don’t need). Vegetables, berries, legumes, fish and lean meats which are all low on the glycaemic index are better options.

There is no need to become obsessive or paranoid, our bodies often find ways of communicating with us. You’ll get through this and eventually be able to eat whatever you want. Hang in there!!

Internet Support Groups

Online groups can provide much needed support and validation. Thousands of benzodiazepine, antidepressant and painkiller users log on daily for reassurance and guidance.

A forum can be a lifeline – especially when other support is lacking. Whichever you choose to join, try not to focus on the symptoms and unfortunate accounts. Every forum has positive messages where some members share useful coping tips, quotes, favourite music, books and movies that may be uplifting. Being supportive of other members can be rewarding too, leaving you distracted and less preoccupied with your own challenges. (If you would like to join a forum, they are listed on our links page.)

Recovery Timelines

How long will withdrawal last? Before this inquiry is tended to, there is the issue of semantics re "withdrawal." Some individuals want to utilize "recuperation" rather than withdrawal with the idea that withdrawal is brief and anything encountered from that point is recuperation. Whichever you favor, actually for quite a while after suspension, indications might be experienced.

The normal time of recuperation for individuals who have been on the medication long haul is accounted for to be somewhere in the range of six and eighteen months. Those with milder conditions can take as meager as one to about a month and a half. This isn't generally the case, nonetheless, in light of the fact that the withdrawal encounter is exceptional and shifts as per person. Nobody knows or can precisely foresee to what extent it will take.

Dosage or number of years on the medication are once in a while thought to be great pointers. Recounted confirm demonstrates that there is an inclination for the individuals who have been on high dosages for a long time to encounter a more extended period with side effects than here and now clients. In any case, it is valuable to take note of that a man on a low dosage for a considerable length of time and one on a high measurements for a considerable length of time can wind up having very comparable encounters. Every one of the specialists I counseled amid withdrawal demanded that it doesn't keep going for in excess of half a month, a half year at most. They were misguided. Weeks, months or years, withdrawal takes as long as it takes.

There is no demonstrated example of mending…

Recovery isn't straight and there is no demonstrated example of recuperating. In the event that your side effects are numerous and serious, it doesn't mean your withdrawal will last more. Alternately, having less and less exceptional side effects does not mean your withdrawal period will be shorter. There is only no demonstrated example of recuperating. Additionally, on the off chance that you are taking other pharmaceutical, expending liquor, exploring different avenues regarding supplements or over-invigorating and striving, this could influence the duration.

Windows of clearness seem right on time to a few yet this does not constantly imply that their withdrawal period will be shorter. I had my first window roughly two months in the wake of finishing my decrease yet side effects endured for two more years. A few people set aside an any longer opportunity to have their first window yet this does not mean their withdrawal period will be longer. Others have short, visit windows which continuously increment in length until full recuperation. Some have almost no windows however may take the same or even less time to recuperate, with side effects unexpectedly and forever disappearing.


Comparing your circumstance with that of a client who you know has been on a comparable measurements and decreasing timetable will accomplish more mischief than great. Our bodies react in an unexpected way. Another vital reason is that in spite of the fact that you may have been on comparative dosages with a similar decreasing calendars and techniques, you may not know the individual's full conditions. She or he may have less help, could have a previous condition, be taking other pharmaceutical, expending liquor, taking supplements or overstimulating in some other way that you are unconscious of.

You may much experience benevolent ex-clients who declare that specific supplements, types of treatment, practice programs, and so on phenomenally quickened their mending. Before you end up energized at having similar outcomes, recall how individual a procedure recuperation is. For each 'cure' that has evidently helped a client, you will discover other people who have said it made their side effects exacerbate. Despite everything I discover this very striking, however it is true.

Too numerous factors…

There will dependably be this component of logical inconsistency. To trait one's mending, or indications besides, to anything particular will be far from being obviously true until the point that formal research is finished. How might we tell? Somebody can begin taking a supplement exactly when full recuperation was impending at any rate, or when an erupt was ready to surface. Theory has neither rhyme nor reason. There are excesses of changing conditions to arrive at conclusions. In the event that you feel that whatever is suggested merits attempting, I really seek it works after you. The best approach is expect any result when you do explore, however remain optimistic.

Finally, nobody can foresee to what extent it will take to recoup or how the procedure will unfurl. What we do know is that overseeing withdrawal requires extensive measurements of persistence, non-opposition, and the savvy utilization of adapting strategies. These will unquestionably influence an opportunity to appear to be shorter. On the off chance that the procedure is taking longer than foreseen, it is on account of your amazing and strong sensory system needs more opportunity to recover.

Supplements & Stimulants

What's beneficial for one may not be useful for all with regards to taking supplements amid withdrawal. Why? There many clashing reports regarding their value and the results. Some report a recognizable negative response and others have discovered that a few supplements appear to help. In the event that you see that you are delicate to boosts amid withdrawal, it is best to be wary and hold up until recuperation before taking supplements that may influence the sensory system. There truly is no enchantment mixture with regards to recovery.

Magnesium, L-theanine, calcium, B vitamins, 5-HTP, taurine, melatonin, homeopathic cures, GABA, valerian, kava, passiflora, lemon ointment – every one of these supplements might be advantageous in non-withdrawal circumstances yet they can't quicken the repair of the GABA receptors. There is no proof proposing that they cause indications to vanish. On the off chance that your withdrawal isn't dangerous at that point, best case scenario they will supply included supplements. As far as influencing the length of withdrawal, episodic reports affirm that it can delay the procedure in the individuals who are touchy. The utilization of supplements amid withdrawal keeps on being an exceptionally far from being obviously true topic.

Of extraordinary note is oral GABA which some view as the undeniable fix. Post-benzo issues are not because of GABA insufficiency yet rather to the wastefulness of the harmed receptors in drawing in the GABA that might be as of now present. Regardless of whether the orally ingested GABA crosses the blood-mind hindrance and one wound up having more than satisfactory GABA, the down-controlled, briefly unfit receptors would not have the capacity to draw in it, thus the sensory system would in any case be in overdrive.

If you are as of now taking supplements and feel that they are improving you feel, there is no compelling reason to quit taking them. No erupt of side effects is a decent marker that it is alright to proceed. Assuming, in any case, you are having determined side effects it may be the case that the supplements you are taking are fortifying your sensory system. Disposing of them may affirm regardless of whether they are confounding the withdrawal procedure and preventing your recuperation. A hyper-edgy sensory system does not require extra stimulation.


Alcohol is a focal sensory system depressant which follows up on indistinguishable receptors in the cerebrum from benzodiazepines. Amid withdrawal it influences the harmed receptors and meddles with the recuperation procedure. On the off chance that you are as yet taking a benzo then the mix can be perilous, and at times, lethal. On the off chance that you have effectively decreased however are as yet experiencing withdrawal, having even a large portion of a glass of liquor is known to heighten symptoms.

Look out for concealed liquor/ethanol in drugs including home grown tinctures and different arrangements. In spite of the fact that this level of liquor will be infinitesimal and under ordinary conditions would have no impact, with an excessively touchy sensory system don't be amazed on the off chance that you respond. As enticing as it might be, having liquor amid withdrawal isn't justified regardless of the hazard, particularly in the event that you are having upsetting manifestations. It is prudent to keep away from it right now. The poor GABA receptors are now attempting to work and any obstruction in the process will be impeding. Except if you dispose of it from your eating routine, you won't know whether it is influencing your recovery.


Eating sugary sustenances amid withdrawal can aggravate indications. Sugar excitatorily affects the sensory system thus it causes excessively incitement for those with a hazardous withdrawal. A large number of our clients have revealed that once they cut out or diminished their sugar allow, their indications reduced in force. The same goes for concoction sweeteners like aspartame and ketchup. In the event that you have a sweet tooth, stevia and yacon syrup are great and safe sugar substitutes. Yacon syrup is a characteristic, crude, low-calorie sweetener produced using the foundation of the yacon plant. Stevia is another regular sweetener produced using the leaf of the stevia plant. They both effectsly affect blood glucose.


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