‘Recovery & Renewal’

Recovery & Renewal cover for website‘Recovery and Renewal’ is an essential guide for overcoming dependency and withdrawal from sleeping pills, other benzodiazepine tranquillisers and antidepressants. It is a useful, insightful and incredibly courageous book which delivers everything you need to know before, during and after. Family and friends will better understand the experience and will be equipped to give support. Doctors, counsellors, rehabilitation staff, recovery and mental health organisations will gain invaluable insight critical to providing best care.

All sale proceeds go to our charity’s account as a source of self-funding. This has been an excellent decision for us as it is helping us to be able to continue providing our services.

Medical information in the book has been vetted and endorsed by Professor Heather Ashton, author of the Ashton Manual and clinical psycho-pharmacologist. She worked at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne as a researcher, lecturer, professor and clinician from 1965 until her retirement. For more than a decade she ran a withdrawal clinic and is regarded as a leading expert on benzodiazepine withdrawal.


The London Times

“Recovery and Renewal is an essential companion… It is like a good friend who always knows what to say, at the right time. And on the rare occasion when your friend does not know the answer, he will help you ask the right questions. Never let this new friend far from your side.”

– Martin Barrow, Health Editor, The London Times

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Most branches of BLACKWELL’S now sell our must-read “Recovery & Renewal” book. We are very grateful to them for helping us to promote awareness in this way and for making the book accessible to those who are unable to buy online.

It is also available at Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada and The Book Depository.

Another option is to ask your local bookstore or library to order it for you, quoting the ISBN 978-0957213005.



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