In Recognition of the Work of Professor C. Heather Ashton, DM, FRCP

These tributes were sent to us by individuals from everywhere throughout the world, with a critical number from the United Kingdom. They all recognize Professor Ashton's Manual, Benzodiazepines: How They Work and How to Withdrawal as well as her other work as being instrumental in their recovery. Within fourteen days we got a surge of 'Thank you' messages. To get a genuine gauge of the general population helped by Professor Ashton's work, it must be remembered that these have been composed primarily by those right now in withdrawal. Educator Ashton has been working resolutely for quite a long time thus we can sensibly presume that several thousands have profited from her work. Much obliged to you, Professor Ashton.

(Names and distinguishing subtle elements have been evacuated for obscurity, except for creators and philanthropy administrators.)

"Dear Dr. Ashton,

You are really a Godsend. I was on Lorazepam consistently for more than 25 years and have been free since August, 2011. I am 69 years of age and feel like I'm carrying on another, brilliant life.

Thank you."

— — –

"I can't compose much, however needed to state thank you for the Ashton Manual for consoling me I wasn't going insane, that this is "ordinary" and for traverse exhortation to go from clonazepam to Valium. Much obliged to you for all you have done to achieve mindfulness this terrible ghastly experience."

— — –

"Dr. Ashton,

It is with profound appreciation that I might want to recognize the significance of your exploration and aptitude. Were it not for the Ashton Manual, I would have thought I was having a mental meltdown. When I created resistance withdrawal following six long periods of xanax utilize, I made various treks to the specialist. He thought it was from rest apnea and after that we thought it was hypothryoidism. Never did my specialist even start to presume it was from the benzodiazepine I was taking.

Once I found the manual and acknowledged what was going on, I turned out poorly to my specialist despite the fact that numerous manifestations got worse. Having that information and consolation, when it appears that nobody else in the medicinal network knows about the issue, is so profitable and makes bearing the procedure less demanding. I just wish there was more research and broad comprehension. The issue appears to be so needing extra research and support for those misery from the vulnerability and estrangement brought by withdrawal.

I trust that your work will be viewed as the primary, fundamental research that in the end made ready for the human services network to see, acknowledge and support the requirements of the individuals who are experiencing the anguish and vulnerability of benzodiazepine withdrawal. I don't believe we're there yet, however we certainly have something verifiable to point to when even with doubtful specialists. The estimation of the Ashton Manual essentially can't be overstated.

Thanks for all you've done."

— — –

"I found the Ashton Manual in the wake of agony from resilience withdrawal for a long time and not realizing what on earth wasn't right with me. It has truly spared my life.

I have been on resting tablets for more than forty years following an aggregate hysterectomy in my twenties. This time I endured frenzy and nervousness until the point when it wound up terrible in 2010 on the demise of my mom taken after by different other horrible life occasions. I was analyzed as having GAD however as a solid, adapting and sure individual I never acknowledged this. I looked into the Internet and read the manual. I'm presently more than four months off the medications and gaining ground. I can't express gratitude toward Dr Ashton enough to give me back my life. I don't know where I would be currently without her examination and learning of this dreadful syndrome.


— — –

"Dear Prof Ashton,

Ten years back I c/t Xanax and Lamictal, because my specialist didn't listen appropriately what I was outlining for him, and to what extent I was taking Xanax and Lamictal and gave me a prescription for Effexor and a few or other dozing pill and instructed me to take that rather than Xanax and Lamictal.

I don't need to reveal to you what happened then. I thought I was kicking the bucket and the main individual on the planet with this incapacitating manifestations. After I was hospitalized, (where they endeavored to include more mental meds, which obviously exacerbated things), and a few visits to specialists, homeopaths, naturopaths, and so on (nobody could recognise the indications of benzo w/d) I figured I ought to aside from my destiny and hold up to bite the dust. At that point my girl went over your manual on the web… … and it gave me back my life!! She additionally discovered Ray Nimmo's discussion and a radical new world opened for me. A world loaded up with trust, which I didn't have for such a long time!

I still have a couple of side effects that I am battling with (being in extended w/d), yet at any rate I see now what is new with me and with the assistance of others, that you have additionally helped, I can battle this benzo damnation. I don't know whether you can ever acknowledge what you have improved the situation me and other poor benzo sufferers. The time and research you have done to help us is priceless!!

Thank you is such a little word to demonstrate my thankfulness, however I am aware of no other word to disclose to you the amount I acknowledge you.


— — –

"I am especially obligated to Professor Ashton for the assistance that she gave me when I was exceptionally lost and needing a protected method to decrease a generous measurement of a benzodiazepine. Using the magnificent and nitty gritty data in the Ashton manual, I educated myself about benzos, and furthermore gave a duplicate of the manual to my specialist, who at first had little thought of the unfavorable impacts of benzos, and of how to get off them safely. My specialist at that point bolstered me in decreasing according to the Ashton Manual. I finished the multi month decrease four years prior, and stay extremely thankful to Professor Ashton for her help.

Thank You for all you have done to help us. This is such a nitemare to go through. Knowing what it is helps so much. Thank You once more, Dr Ashton."

— — –

"Dr. Heather Ashton has prepared for such a large amount of the work that has been done inside the benzodiazepine withdrawal community. She is genuinely a pioneer and it sincerely conveys tears to my eyes when I think about all that she has improved the situation such a significant number of individuals who might have generally been lost or enduring without validation. Her work has been revolutionary.

It takes a gallant soul to investigate, research and afterward report in this region. As a manager of a substantial benzodiazepine withdrawal gathering, I see her equivalency tables being utilized, example hybrid timetables referenced by individuals each day. Her documentation of withdrawal side effects puts such a large number of alarmed enduring personalities more quiet just to realize that what they are encountering is in certainty normal withdrawal. The fluid titration work which I assist individuals with depends on the most traditionalist end of the Ashton decrease rate (5% like clockwork.) I don't feel that words can sufficiently express the profundity of profound respect, and appreciation that I feel for this mind boggling woman. Heather Ashton YOU ARE A HERO AND A HEALER! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE!"

— — –

"Your manual spared my life by giving me answers when none of my doctors realized what was going on to me. I am appreciative for your devotion and diligent work for the benefit of every one of us experiencing benzodiazepine withdrawal. My specialist currently has a duplicate of your manual and is utilizing it with other patients. Thank you for going up against foundations and government to battle the great fight. You are a genuine hero."

— — –

"I need to express my gratitude to Heather Ashton for getting so engaged with helping individuals falling off benzodiazepines and thinking of her manual."

— — –

"Prof. Ashton has helped me in such a significant number of routes, and with such unfailing benevolence, that I think that its difficult to articulate the degree of my gratefulness and gratitude. Her manual initially helped me find why I was having such an appalling background while on benzos. It likewise gave a guide to me to escape from its clutches.

Her insightful articles gave logical, clinical proof that enabled my specialist to end up all around educated, and thusly steady of me and my difficulty. Moreover, these articles helped in my broad and excruciating dealings with my bosses, the Department of Social Protection and different organizations, typically unsympathetic to the travails of somebody made iatrogenically ill.

She additionally took the time and vitality to actually compose for my sake when my life was most likely going to authoritatively disentangle. To state this was far in excess of what was required is putting it mildly. To put it plainly, Prof Ashton spared my life.

Even however I am as yet not recouped from the withdrawal disorder, I would like to be so one day, when I expect to reimburse her by living as full an existence of which I am capable.

Blessings on her."

— — –

"Dear Professor Ashton,

Through Geraldine Burns, you spared my life. Much obliged to you so especially for all you have done to teach individuals about benzos. On the off chance that I hadn't comprehended what I was experiencing was caused by the Xanax withdrawal, there is no doubt as far as I can tell that I would have conferred suicide. God Bless You."

— — –

"My spouse and I might want to accept this open door to earnestly say thanks to Professor Heather Ashton for all the work that she has done in the territory of Benzodiazepine withdrawal, tolerance & reliance. My better half was endorsed a benzodiazepine for a moderately basic issue. What followed has been nothing short than terrible. We burned through year and a half experiencing innumerable medical issues & manifestations, misdiagnosis, medication upon solution, clinic confirmations & complete loss of expectation that life could ever come back to normal.

I realized that for 24 long stretches of marriage my significant other had been well. Presently in such a brief timeframe, she had crumbled so remarkably that I genuinely figured I would lose her. I knew something was causing this issue, yet without medicinal information how might I discover the appropriate response. I put my trust in God and chose to attempt. I discovered the Ashton Manual 3 months prior and the sky opened. Before long, I had an unmistakable comprehension of how & why my significant other had languished over so long. I saw how Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Gynecologists & Specialists of different restorative fields could miss the point. I could at long last observe an exit from the maze.

My spouse is as of now decreasing Valium. It will be a long procedure, however a procedure that will at last observe her back to full wellbeing & satisfaction. I thank the day that I went over crafted by Professor Heather Ashton. Without it, she may in any case be gotten in that interminable maze.
Thank You."

— — –

"Professor Ashton,

I went a very long time on benzos, in resistance withdrawal, as my reality gradually disintegrated around me every year I was on them. I was told again and again that I had a tension issue, even after my underlying antagonistic response such a large number of years prior in 2003 when I was first acquainted with benzos by my specialist. To be reasonable, I used some illicit substances preceding benzos which caused, what I currently know to be, substance initiated uneasiness/freeze. I was straightforward with my specialist about the unlawful substances I had used.

Looking back, I ought to have never been on benzos (an addictive medicine) in any case after I enlightened my specialist regarding my past. I confided in my specialist and was effectively lured by benzos amid my season of urgency. They worked promptly and at first I was amazed by how well they functioned. At that point when I endeavored to fall off of them half a month later, all hellfire broke lose.

To make a long story short, this prompt a few without any weaning period w/d's, restoration, clinic visits, a few lost occupations, lost companionships/connections, expanding side effects and the general crumbling of my psychological, passionate and physical wellbeing. I invested years endeavoring to disclose to specialists what was transpiring, yet whenever I attempted to be straightforward and specify my substance mishandle before utilizing benzos I was quickly taken a gander at like a maggot criminal who merited an existence of hopelessness and disgrace. I invested years looking for answers through my specialists lastly just began to surrender. I began to utilize torment medicines to neutralize the resistance withdrawal side effects of long haul benzo utilize. This lone aggravated me and influenced me to utilize more torment pills. I couldn't have cared less any longer. I was made out to be insane through my specialists, however not sufficiently insane to put into a psychological office. I was worn out on clarifying, tired of telling relatives, tired of living.

As I got so low that I was certain I was one stage far from overdosing on the mix of percocets and klonopin, I found the Ashton Manual in 2009. It resembled a paradise opened its entryways and was sparkling down on me. Indeed, even through the detachment and wretchedness that was my life, I could feel an euphoric happiness that I hadn't felt in quite a while. I at last had approval after such huge numbers of long stretches of being rejected or discredited. I made courses of action to decrease, which looking back wasn't extremely down to earth since I had been in resilience withdrawal for such a significant number of years and was at that point so far gone, however I crossed over from klonopin to valium, which turned out poorly well.

I finished going to detox at my families intense demand. I knew I had no way out, however in any event going into withdrawal this time, realizing that the majority of my side effects were w/d related, gave me a freshly discovered assurance and expectation. Much to my dismay what was going to unfurl throughout the following 3 years… to this present day that I am composing this. I am as yet managing benzo related medical problems right up 'til the present time, however had it not been for the Ashton manual I would not be here composing this. Having the Ashton manual gave me a newly discovered seek after my life and empowered me to manage a great deal of the dread related with benzo withdrawal. It helped me confront it with certainty that I would in the long run be well again sometime in the future. That one revelation of the Ashton manual has been the defining moment in my life. Everything changed for me on that day. Despite the fact that I am as yet managing manifestations at barely 3 years out, I am gradually getting my wellbeing back.

I simply needed to state thank you, Professor Ashton, from the base to the highest point of my, caution out and thumped to heck, heart. Much thanks to you so, especially for the majority of your diligent work and commitment to this issue. You have changed the lives for such a large number of individuals and will keep on changing the lives of individuals to come. Thank you."

— — –

"Dear Doctor:

Reason I'm sending this mail is to tell you that you enable me to survive through my withrwals a year of agony of a multi month tranquilize mixed drink of benzos given by a not extremely savy doctor¡ perusing your manual practically spared my life you are a hero¡¡¡ among individuals going through withrawals. Keep up the great work¡¡

Best regards"

— — –

"Dr. Ashton,

It is with profound appreciation that I might want to recognize the significance of your exploration and mastery. Were it not for the Ashton Manual, I would have thought I was having a mental meltdown. When I created resilience withdrawal following six long stretches of xanax utilize, I made various excursions to the specialist. He thought it was from rest apnea and after that we thought it was hypothryoidism. Never did my specialist even start to presume it was from the benzodiazepine I was taking. Once I found the manual and acknowledged what was going on, I turned out poorly to my specialist despite the fact that numerous indications got worse.

Having that information and consolation, when it appears that nobody else in the therapeutic network knows about the issue, is so profitable and makes bearing the procedure less demanding. I just wish there was more research and across the board understanding. The issue appears to be so needing extra research and support for those torment from the vulnerability and distance brought by withdrawal.

I trust that your work will be viewed as the principal, fundamental research that in the end prepared for the medicinal services network to see, acknowledge and support the requirements of the individuals who are experiencing the anguish and vulnerability of benzodiazepine withdrawal. I don't believe we're there yet, however we unquestionably have something obvious to point to when notwithstanding distrustful specialists. The estimation of the Ashton Manual basically can't be overstated."

— — –

"Professor Heather Ashton has prepared for such a large amount of the work that has been done inside the benzodiazepine withdrawal network. She is really a pioneer and it genuinely conveys tears to my eyes when I think about all that she has improved the situation such a significant number of individuals who might have generally been lost or enduring without approval. Her work has been progressive. It takes a bold soul to investigate, research and after that record in this region. As an executive of a huge benzodiazepine withdrawal gathering, I see her equivalency tables being utilized, example hybrid calendars referenced by individuals consistently. Her documentation of withdrawal indications puts such a significant number of panicked enduring personalities more calm just to realize that what they are encountering is in truth basic withdrawal. The fluid titration work which I assist individuals with depends on the most preservationist end of the Ashton decrease rate (5% at regular intervals.)

I don't feel that words can sufficiently express the profundity of deference, and appreciation that I feel for this unbelievable lady. Heather Ashton YOU ARE A HERO AND A HEALER! Much obliged to YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE!"

— — –

"I can't compose much, however needed to state thank you for the Ashton Manual for consoling me I wasn't going insane, that this is "ordinary" and for traverse exhortation to go from clonazepam to Valium. Much obliged to you for all you have done to achieve mindfulness this appalling, frightful experience."

— — –

"Dear Prof Ashton, ten years prior I c/t Xanax and Lamicton, because my specialist didn't listen legitimately what I was outlining for him, and to what extent I was taking Xanax and Lamicton and gave me a prescription for Effexor and a few or other resting pill and instructed me to take that rather than Xanax and Lamicton. I don't need to disclose to you what happened then. I thought I was kicking the bucket and the main individual on the planet with this incapacitating side effects. After I was hospitalized, (where they attempted to include more mental meds, which obviously exacerbated things), and a few visits to specialists, homeopaths, naturopaths, and so forth (nobody could recognise the manifestations of benzo w/d) I figured I ought to aside from my destiny and hold up to bite the dust. At that point my little girl ran over your manual on the web… … and it gave me back my life!! She likewise discovered Ray Nimmo's gathering and a radical new world opened for me. A world loaded up with trust, which I didn't have for such a long time!

I still have a couple of side effects that I am battling with (being in extended w/d), yet in any event I see now what is new with me and with the assistance of others, that you have additionally helped, I can battle this benzohell. I don't know whether you can ever acknowledge what you have improved the situation me and other poor benzo sufferers. The time and research you have done to help us is priceless!!

Thank you is such a little word to demonstrate my thankfulness, yet I am aware of no other word to reveal to you the amount I acknowledge you.


— — –

"If not for unearthing the Ashton manual, I could never have possessed the capacity to have effectively gotten off benzodiazepine, would at present be enduring in some level of resistance withdrawal today. I endeavored to cease klonopin following a time of low .25 every day measurements over a time of multi month, to find that I all of a sudden felt more ailing than I can ever have imagined.

I did not interface it to the prescription, however I went to the specialist, and revealed to her I had stopped it three weeks earlier. I was encouraged to reestablish the medicine, and consequently took two more attempts previously I understood what I was managing was something other than my own particular unique uneasiness. I utilized the Ashton manual as my guide through what for me has been by a wide margin the most troublesome experience of my 55 years. I am presently year and a half free of klonopin, and as yet having issues, however far not exactly at first.

I just might want to by and by offer my genuine thanks for the work she has so eagerly done in a zone that nobody else appears to have been intrigued or put resources into investigating. Much obliged to you. It has been a life saver. There is so minimal archived research and assist there. My specialist simply prompted me to take benzos whatever remains of my life, that withdrawal was not the issue-I was.

Please expand my all the best and thankfulness to Prof Ashton for helping such huge numbers of us."

— — –

"Dear Professor Ashton.

Two years prior I was without wanting to return on benzo, this time clonazepam, after effectively withdrawal from zolpidem and diazepam utilizing klopoxid at the liquor center (Minnesota display, AA). I am not a dipsomaniac by any means, but rather it was my solitary chance to get help by giving myself access there.

Almost 3 months off, the specialist, whom I advised I would not like to take benzos again put me on clonazepam.I had paid a great deal of cash and had a terrible remain at the facility for 9 weeks, decreased in 5 weeks, where no one comprehended the torment or my condition, so neither did I. I was physically and mental broken. Benzo added to this I was near death.

A companion of mine discovered your Manual, The Bible, on the web, and from that point we made a plan.

For free I could get assistance from your work. It spared my life. I am still tapering(!),slooooow. I'm one of the genuine unfortunate ones with all the w/d symptoms.

I gave my present specialist a duplicate of your Manual. She presently utilizes it to assist different patients with withdrawing successfully!

Thanks to you and to the Internet benzo networks, that have influenced me to survive each day in damnation. I end with profound appreciation to you. Thank you.


— — –

"The manual inspired me to comprehend a ton concerning why I couldn't unwind and gave me incredible guidance GREAT WORK Prof. Ashton."

— — –

"There is no doubt as far as I can tell that I am alive today on account of Dr. Ashton's work in expressing "The Ashton Manual". I was to a great degree sick in resistance withdrawal for a long time and was unconscious that the benzodiazepines were the underlying driver of my trouble. In spite of the way that my condition kept on crumbling, my Physician at the time neglected to perceive the signs and manifestations of resilience as well. This left me feeling sad, harmed and self-destructive until I found "The Ashton Manual", the "book of scriptures" for iatrogenic benzodiazepine casualties. Tragically, I was subjected to a without any weaning period withdrawal before finding Dr. Ashton's work and had the specialists at the rehab educated themselves properly with this manual, I wouldn't be as debilitated and enduring as seriously as I am today.

Upon perusing "The Ashton Manual", the greater part of my questions were deleted that my practices and strange manifestations were a consequence of a major issue with my natural wellbeing. I had a response for the long periods of misery I had persisted on account of the specialists. I additionally had freshly discovered assurance to recover my life from the annihilation that had wreaked destruction on my mind and sensory system. From resilience side effects, the components of activity of the benzos, to withdrawal convention and manifestations, it is the most exhaustive guide for understanding benzodiazepine reliance, resistance and withdrawal.

Had I not come across her assemblage of work and discovered answers and approval for my agony, I really don't figure I would be alive today to compose this.

Dr. Ashton, thank you for the greater part of your diligent work and your promise to the benzo cause. You have approved us when the greater part of therapeutic experts misdiagnosed us and neglected to recognize that our misery was an immediate aftereffect of benzodiazepine utilize. I will be everlastingly appreciative for you. You have spared numerous lives and will keep on doing so as the data in your manual achieves more edgy spirits. My solitary expectation is that somebody will be overcome enough to get the latest relevant point of interest and to proceed with the examination that is so urgently required, all together to put a conclusion to this multi year issue once and for all.

Your online manual, to which you give free access, helped me comprehend what Ativan was doing to my cerebrum and body and approved that the interesting emotions and even mental disabilities were likely caused by withdrawal which could continue for quite a long time, paying little heed to what my doctor asserted. Doctors in the US generally don't appear to get a handle on the genuine and frequently enduring impacts of benzodiazepines and it was just through the data you gave that I could take control of my own withdrawal from the medication following 20 long stretches of use."

— –

"Dear Professor Ashton,

I don't have the foggiest idea about that it will ever be conceivable to offer the thanks and esteem that I have for you, I sob tears of delight and gratefulness as I compose this note. I trust that you spared my life. You had the valor to battle the going convictions and to move forward, making information of high quality.

Your manual, and also your papers on extended withdrawal are precious, and in spite of the fact that they have been composed years prior are as yet the most definitive and careful instructional pamphlets on the subject. It is anything but difficult to see that your notoriety is merited when one watches the uprightness, insight, and care with which you led your exploration, and proceed to advocate and instruct on the dangers of benzodiazepines.

You remain the uncontested voice and power on benzodiazepine withdrawal and extended withdrawal and your works have overflowed to suspension of antidepressants and other reliance framing psychoactive drugs. Your impact is sweeping and respected.

From the totality of my quintessence, I wish to thank you, thank you and thank you again to give believability, legitimacy, and support to the a large number of sufferers that constitute our ranks. In my darkest minute, when my life was hanging by a string, the texture of this string was woven from your messages of expectation. You have been the one rational voice that has given me the quality to keep up my reason and to go ahead, just to overcome one more day, just today."

— — –

"My story is like that of numerous individuals; it is one of double dealing, lies, and misrepresented archives, break of privacy, compulsion, and denial.

In August 2010, following a while of upset rest (my feline), I began taking Zopiclone to enable me to recover a normal example of sleep. Three weeks after the fact, I began having extreme nervousness and a fit of anxiety from what appears to have been between measurement withdrawal. After a few mental misdiagnosis, two hospitalizations and numerous medications, my manifestations proceeded to intensify. Four months after the fact, I could scarcely swallow, could just drink fluid sustenances, I could scarcely talk any longer, I lost every physical sensation in my body, had no craving, thirst, did not wanted to pee, I never again felt torment, I couldn't feel my appendages, I didn't have any sensation in my stomach, gut, or bladder, was never tired, and quit discharging, my transient memory and other subjective capacities were seriously harmed, my sight was abandoning me and I was not any more ready to tend to myself. I spent the greater part of my days in a condition of semi-mental shock with sickening apprehension, frenzy, and extraordinary tension, crying, while at the same time encountering mind destroys, queasiness, and headaches.

I presumed that the pharmaceutical may be the reason for my manifestations and this is the point at which I found the Ashton Manual on the web. I was denied a traverse to valium and, to spare my life, completed an overpaid withdrawal without the assistance of my recommending specialists. In spite of the fact that the writing claims that this intense withdrawal organize keeps going half a month to a couple of months, I was in an intense withdrawal state for around 14 months.

I am presently 26 months off of everything and I am gradually recuperating my real detects, my subjective capacities remain seriously traded off yet are enhancing; weakness, agony, and extraordinary a sleeping disorder are a few seconds ago beginning to hint at easing up. I trust that my recuperation will last a couple of more years, and I currently attempting to comprehend this horrendous experience, as I endeavor to piece my life back together.

Thank you such a great amount for all that you have done and keep on doing, I will be endlessly grateful."

— — –

"I was on antidepressants for a long time, for the most part seroxat, I was decreased yet not at the slow level Dr Ashton prescribes in light of the fact that I didn't have any information of withdrawal so simply confided in my therapist to make the best choice, sadly in spite of the fact that I was decreased seroxat I was put on prozac and after that decreased of prozac to go on venlafaxine, when I at last chose to fall off everything as despite everything I felt terrible after all the swapping and transforming I was taken off in the space of about a month since I had just been on the medication for 4 months, neglecting the way that my body had been pumped with various named ssris for a long time so truly I was essentially chilly turkeyed in the end!!

So at any rate when I understood I was feeling awful I began perusing on the web and the ashton manual was the main thing I saw, I didn't restore and begin once more, and a year after my last dosage I am as yet enduring severely, yet what I need to express gratitude toward Dr Ashton for this has been perceived and that she has confidence in withdrawal and recovery.

I am additionally incredibly grateful for the Recovery Road, as I would not still go in the event that I hadn't had the day by day consolation on the facebook page and above all else the recuperation book that I take wherever with me, in the event that I didnt have these backings which I know return to Dr Ashton, I would not be proceeding down this street. Much obliged to you and I trust one day there is an approach to totally stop withdrawal or not recommend the repulsive to medications to begin with. Life will flabbergast when this over!! Also, thank you Bliss! Sent utilizing BlackBerry® from Orange"

— — –

"Dear Professor Ashton,

Thank you for your work in a field in which there is so little intrigue and concentrate by researchers and medicinal researchers. Your exploration and work in the zone of benzodiazapine withdrawal emerges as a reference point of comprehension, concern, and activity as to the appalling consequences of utilizing this "medication." Many individuals would in any case be stuck in a dull gap of reliance notwithstanding your manual.

Thanks such a great amount for your endeavors, and all the best in the future."

— — –

"Dr Ashton's work not just spared my life, it has spared innumerable others.

I am in that little percent of individuals who go into a long withdrawal. I will be at 8 months soon. Without Dr Ashton's composed words, in light of her own encounters with customers, I know totally that I would have recently expected I'd gone insane and would have wound up being additionally tranquilized, marked and perhaps hospitalized.

By examining the entire benzodiazepine issue, Dr Ashton has completed a staggering administration to people everywhere on this disturbed world.

I can't express gratitude toward her enough. She spared my life."

— — –

"Dr Ashton,

You don't have any acquaintance with me, you never will but since of you and your assistance with benzodiazepines I am more beneficial than I have been in 17 years. If it weren't for you and your work, getting it out there with your Ashton Manual then doubtlessly I would have been returned on a benzo or certainly treated with various different prescriptions endeavoring to treat my w/d symptoms. Instead I could take your data to my specialists and demonstrate to them that what I was encountering was in actuality genuine and was caused from falling off benzos. I got the strength to proceed with me opportunity travel and am presently 19 months free after a c/t off. I didn't discover you until after the c/t which had been prescribed to me by my drug specialist and previous doctor.

May God favor you and all the work you have done. Your message is getting out into the world and some time or another specialists will take a gander at recommending benzos differently. I have two kids that are pre med in school and them two as a result of seeing what I have experienced pledge to never endorse a benzo to their patients. They are the future and their eyes have been opened to the way that when they compose on a solution cushion they can radically influence their patient's life. They must be in charge of their decisions, know the advantages and disadvantages of medications.

So thank you Dr Ashton for you have spared my life. I will wind up sound again and will have the capacity to be a piece of my family once more. I have a positive future in light of you."

— — –

"Thank you so particularly for all the vigorous work Dr. Ashton you have put in contributing learning about the perils of mental toxic substances particularly the benzodiazepines. It was a direct result of your tedious research that I (in the same way as other others here) could find and discover what was going on restoratively and wellbeing wise.

There are no words to much obliged. I would need to be an exceptionally intelligent individual to have the capacity to voice what you have improved the situation me. It was a direct result of your commitment and work towards this reason each day I continue climbing the heap of mending and recovery.

May God Bless you for all you have done."

— — –

"I discovered Dr Heather Ashton's site while I was on day goes from the doctor's facility. I utilized this opportunity to do research and this lead me to make sense of what was going on to me and approve that I was not "insane" I utilized her recipe and made my own particular traverse & withdrawal plan ( while still in the doctor's facility ) in light of her example plans. I traversed to 20mg of valium from 2mg of lorazepam and I am endlessly thankful for her exploration and enthusiastic endeavors as her site and data, alongside others online are the main sort of help and data I have gotten. Much obliged to you Dr Ashton. I will be everlastingly paying off debtors for the majority of your opportunity and devotion to this cause.

"Print out the Ashton Manual and take it to your specialist." This is dependably the primary recommendation given to a terrified newcomer on the benzodiazepine web forums.

I have been taking benzodiazepines for around 20 years recommended for nervousness and a sleeping disorder. First I was recommended clonazepam/klonopin and when that medication quit working lorazepam/Ativan was added to the blend. Presently I was taking two benzos.

As the years wore on numerous bizarre side effects started to show up. Sleep deprivation, expanded tension, outrageous exhaustion, muscle shortcoming in my legs, obscuring of vision, and a craving to segregate. It ended up difficult to keep filling in as a teacher. I could barely think or identify with individuals. My identity started to change and I began to have self-destructive ideation. I would wake up (when I could rest) with my heart beating, wheezing for breath. Adrenaline flooded through my body, abandoning me in a condition of steady hyper-watchfulness. At a certain point I turned out to be suicidal to the point that I took a look at myself into a hospital.

What wasn't right with me? I began going to specialists and looking through the web. Did I have constant weariness disorder, heart issues, summed up nervousness disorder?

After a comprehensive inquiry my accomplice and I found the Ashton manual. It depicted precisely the manifestations I was having. I understood that my physical and mental issues were being caused by the benzodiazepines, which had now stopped to work and were decimating my sensory system. I was currently in what Dr. Ashton portrays as resilience withdrawal where the body needs increasingly of the medication even to work. I realized that I needed to get off these medications. Be that as it may, how?

Benzodiazepine withdrawal can be startling and additionally physically difficult. There are more than 100 side effects that have been related with pulling back from these drugs.

Since most psychopharmacologists know how to get you on drugs yet not how to get you securely off, the Ashton Manual helped me instruct myself before I went to the specialist to talk about decreasing. Perusing the Ashton Manual consoled me that the indications I was encountering were typical for benzo resistance and withdrawal. In composing this manual Dr. Ashton has given us the apparatuses we have to manage these tricky drugs.

I feel emphatically that Dr. Heather Ashton has having an immense impact in sparing my life."

— — –

"I was on a tricky incline when I discovered Professor Ashton's pages on Benzo withdrawal. She most likely actually spared my life. I referenced her work many occasions through the span of my recuperation. Teacher Ashton, you are the best! Also, I thank you.

Your book is a gift to every one of us that have experienced and keep on suffering benzodiazepine utilize. I thank you for your opportunity and push to start familiarity with the threat of these medications. Your manual is helping myself and millions with the learning of what has happened to us and data on the best way to stop this horrendous medication.

This is something we went into uninformed of what might happen and how we would endure, and I wish there were more investigations, and I ask there will be one day. Until further notice, you are who we as a whole look towards for direction and God Bless you for what you have improved the situation every one of us that experience the ill effects of benzos."

— — –

"I am writing to express gratitude toward Dr. Ashton for her exploration and work in the field of benzodiazepine reliance and withdrawal. Dr. Ashton is ans dependably will be one of my most respected saints. It is a result of her that I could persuade my social insurance supplier to begin me on a Valium decrease after more than 18 long stretches of recommended clonazepam. Dr. Ashton's book was utilized as the rule for my withdrawal procedure for both my doctor and myself.

I approached passing a few times because of the impacts of long haul prescription benzodiazepine, also the staggering effects to my physical and psychological well-being. I accept right up 'til the present time I am alive as a result of stopping the utilization of benzodiazepines and my mental and physical wellbeing keep on steadily improve.

Many individuals throughout my life have commented about my overall improvement in such huge numbers of positive ways. I lost numerous years, my wellbeing, family members, friends, my vocation and my nobility as a person as a result of the harm done by long haul benzodiazepine prescibing.

I will everlastingly be thankful to Dr. Ashton and her pivotal research endeavors. Dr. Ashton's contribution and commitment were the starting of my wonderful recuperation. Much obliged to you for your work and thank you for my life, Dr. Ashton."

— — –

"I had been on clonazepam 20 or more years for petit mal epilepsy & additionally have MS a Panel of Dr's/Physician/Psychiatrist said it was of no utilization as I had no seizures for a long time, I was told as I was on such a little completes 2mgs multi day I could run off it with NO withdrawal this was May third 2012 by May seventh I thought I was going insane mental trips/regurgitating and so on I was confined to bed & startled I saw my Dr of 30 years in August as I could take very little more I was having one fit of anxiety after the other a detainee at home except if somebody offered to go to the Dr or shops with me & all she said was; don't stress you'll get over it'.

I have a different nutritional Dr who has had been taking care of & analyzed Hashimotos on a standard visit she saw I was what she called 'Insane Lady' I was everywhere nervous lost for words she asked me what had happened I disclosed to her I was taken off 2mg clonazepam day by day & feel like I'm not alive & not dead some place in the center depersonalized is the word I am told she alluded your technique for withdrawal & disclosed such a great amount to me I broke in tears expressing gratitude toward you both that I am NOT crazy "Ashton Method" all that she revealed to me made sense.

Nearly a year on I am still on a decrease now of 10.5mgs Valium spread over morning-evening & evening however in any event I have would like to be benzo free soon & NEVER EVER will I trust or take a medication without being given all data as I feel still furious I was made an unwilling medication addict.

In all seriousness. I discovered Benzobuddies discussion & they have been so strong & I read today we can send you an email to thank you for your resolute work .

Thank You Professor Ashton"

— — –


— — –

"I don't have time for a long message, however I didn't need this chance to go without comment.

It was the Ashton Manual that helped me initially distinguish that I was in a bad position with Klonopin and that I had a lengthy, difficult experience in front of me. Through this entire terrible experience, I have been awed with how a long ways in front of the United States the UK is with regards to understanding the colossal general medical issue displayed by benzodiazepines. Much credit goes to the endeavors of Heather Ashton!

Thank you, Dr. Ashton."

— — –

"I am writing to incorporate myself as one of the numerous who have been helped by the work and research of Professor Heather Ashton. We should all be so appreciative for what she has improved the situation benzodiazepine victims.

Unfortunately, I didn't have her data previously I fell off Xanax, so I was pretty much without any weaning period ed. Notwithstanding, once I found her data, I read through, and can't disclose to you how frequently I alluded to the Ashton Manual as a wellspring of solace and approval in regards to the awful side effects I was persevering. It gave me an exhaustive comprehension of benzodiazepine withdrawal and recuperation, and the expectation that my body can and will mend. I likewise have many, numerous contacts/companions who have utilized her data to comprehend the withdrawal procedure and numerous who have effectively pulled back from benzos because of her help.

For her endeavors, I wholeheartedly trust she merits some genuine acknowledgment. The incalculable individuals she has aided, and, indeed, even SAVED, will never be overlooked. I can dare to dream later on there is more mindfulness about this genuine epidemic."

— — –

"Last March I was recuperating from a spinal combination surgery done at two vertebrae levels. Amid the long periods of mending where I couldn't do any bowing lifting or bending my body I had a lot of time to simply sit and think . I concluded that I would start to truly roll out some extra improvements throughout my life. I needed to attempt and enhance the nature of my life on numerous levels. I had been reducing my remedy use of klonopin. Now when I was recuperating and mending amid those 3 months klonopin utilize was currently .25mg multi day from 0.5mg 3x/day.

I was in a tractional time in my life. My significant other and I have hitched for a long time, brought up three youngsters at the same time I worked in a healing facility as a medical caretaker. Nothing on the planet could have set me up for what I was going to find. I couldn't quit taking the klonopin. Despite the fact that I trusted I was at a place where it was sensible to simply cease taking them, ( as I would like to think) since I was just .25mg. I required up ending up extremely wiped out and with such huge numbers of side effects inside 3 or 4 days from stopping.

I simply didn't see, nobody at any point had disclosed to me that it would be fantastically hard to quit taking it, My advisor never knew either. I swung to the web and started gazing upward benzo withdrawal to check whether I could get the hang of anything at about the procedure. I was terrified, befuddled and feeling so frustrated with my circumstance, I started to understand that something was exceptionally worn I found Dr. Heather Ashton's protocol.

I am so grateful to Dr. Ashton for having spared my life. I know in the end I will be OK. the recuperating procedure has been moderate. it took me 5 months to fall off of the equality of 0.25mg of klonopin. the recuperating procedure proceeds with the most huge troublesome days in all seriousness., Ashton, I don't know I would known contrastingly if not for you and ponder what I would have wound up doing."

— — –

"Hi Heather

Of all the benzo books I've purchased and perused, the Ashton manual has been most helpful.

It is the one I've loaned to loved ones, and subsequent to understanding it they at long last understand this is real.

I like that the pages are huge and the words are enormous. This book clarifies everything perfectly in a straightforward way.

Thank you so much!"

— — –

"Unfortunately, I had finished my decrease when I found the 'Ashton Manual.' However, the data on Professor Ashton's site has been a help for me in understanding what is transpiring physiologically. I spent a while post-decrease when I didn't comprehend what was transpiring. It was simply subsequent to perusing the data on Dr. Ashton's site that I could comprehend that my side effects were being caused by GABA neuroreceptor impedance from the benzodiazepines.

I have replicated Dr. Ashton's data on Protracted Withdrawal and the FAQ pages on the utilization of drugs amid withdrawal and offered them to my specialists. Just a single of my specialists has really perused them, yet having refered to references that are distributed in medicinal diaries gives more assurance than the data accessible on different sites. I have likewise replicated data from Dr. Ashton's site and offered it to my loved ones so they can be educated about what has happened to me and why I am proceeding to experience such a variety of odd manifestations. I will keep on looking to Dr. Ashton's site as essential wellspring of data as I keep on heal."

— — –

"Dear Prof. Ashton

I can never offer my thanks towards your grand work, and time and endeavors and looks into about Benzodiazepines , and how they influence and debilitates individuals' life. I have pick up a considerable measure of information from your work helped massively amid my shocking journey. I never comprehended what wasn't right with me, specialists were futile they were ricocheting me from a solution to the next just to exacerbate me and more terrible ..and the sum total of what I had was from Benzodiazepines utilize, these medications truly make individuals wiped out for quite a long time, despite the fact that I am from the 15% unfortunates ones and still am in crippling extended withdrawal ( 5 years and 4 months off ) and as yet enduring once a day, in any event possibly I have an opportunity to have back my life that these medicine stole from me in any event you gave me this shot . May God Bless you for the work you have done and the lives of individuals you have saved.

Sincerely yours"

— — –

"This past August (2012) I was determined to have Graves' disease. I say this in light of the fact that while both withdrawal and Graves' ailment have particular physiological indications and cause huge levels of pain, just the Graves' was recognized and tended to by medicinal professionals. now and again, I have experienced therapeutic experts who will recognize the conceivable seriousness of benzodiazepine withdrawal, yet they are rare. What's more, even the individuals who furnish affirmation have couple of abilities with which to help bolster my withdrawal off of benzodiazepines.

More frequently than not, I have been expelled, discredited and informed that my withdrawal side effects, including extraordinary dread, tension, gastrointestinal unsettling influences to name only a not very many, were a reoccurrence of my unique condition. Ironically, my unique condition was sleep deprivation so articulation is naturally erroneous. When in a condition of withdrawal when the misery is noteworthy, it's exceedingly befuddling and excruciating to be told immovably by numerous medicinal experts that my experience isn't withdrawal, that in truth I'm neither a specialist nor a specialist and that I'm wrong. Equally exasperating is the quantity of subordinate mental medications that were "unequivocally" suggested.

I had been recommended Ativan for a sleeping disorder somewhere in the range of 10 years ago. Initially I was given .5 mg to be taken nightly. Ultimately I was on 4 mg of Ativan, taken once daily. Notwithstanding the difficulties that benzodiazepines introduce, I had accidentally been languishing between dosage withdrawal over years.

For numerous reasons, I chose I never again needed to be attached to this medication. Against her desires of my staying on Ativan, however at the heading of my psychiatrist, I made my underlying unsuccessful endeavor to c/t off of 4 mg Ativan (I was told to cut 1 mg Ativan each 4-7 days).

This horrendous experience and my level of pain conveyed me to the web and at last the Ashton manual. Had it not been for this manual, I would show been altogether helpless before what might be a plenty of medicinal experts who might have cheerfully employed me with numerous mental meds while declining to recognize the genuine wellspring of the issues I was confronting, benzodiazepine withdrawal and I truly trust I would never have possessed the capacity to effectively pull back from this drug.

This manual equipped me with the learning that permitted me go up against this skirmish of reliance on benzodiazepines, yet in addition those I experienced in the restorative profession. And notwithstanding the way that I was nullified and disgraced, every step of the way, I am currently, because of Professor Ashton, at the last part of an effective hybrid to and withdrawal from 40 mg of Valium.

This has been the most troublesome and longest excursion of my life. But because of the data, consolation and, if nothing else, the approval of my experience that this manual, and also the consequent updates and sources I was coordinated to accordingly, while as yet difficult, I have thought that it was conceivable to pull back off of benzodiazepines. Without the majority of the work that Prof. Heather Ashton did and the consequent manual, this would not have been possible.

Eternally grateful."

— — –

"I simply needed to partake in the tributes to thank you, Prof. Ashton for all your exploration and diligent work for sufferers of benzodiazepine withdrawal.

I have not utilized the strategy myself (I am decreasing far slower and every day) except I know this technique has helped by far most pick up autonomy from these drugs.

I have alluded to the Ashton Manual incalculable occasions, just to peruse of this appalling condition from a confided in and knowledgeable source is of awesome solace, to have that approval implies such a great amount to such a significant number of, myself included.

Many, an abundance of thanks Prof. Ashton, I welcome all you have improved the situation myself and benzo withdrawal sufferers everywhere.

Best wishes."

— — –

"Prof. Ashton,

My spouse was enduring terribly while on Klonopin, the medication was causing shocking confusing reactions. The specialist revealed to her she can simply stop her .5 measurement and have no problems. She attempted that with so success. A hunt on the web discovered us the Ashton Manual and we understood what was causing the problem. We think your work has been a lifeline thank you such a great amount for giving us a way to expel this medication from our lives."

— — –

"Hello Prof. Ashton,

I simply needed to state that I value your work during that time to teach specialists, scientists, and others about the nature and risks of benzodiazepines. Without your

research and the Websites I found on the Internet, I would have been lost after I experienced specialist actuated dependence on Klonopin and three as well fast withdrawals.

God favor you and take care."

— — –


I might want to compose how appreciative I am for Ashton Manual. That is the means by which I found what is new with me. It gave me right informations about benzodiazepines and my side effects. I was on benzos for a long time and now am year and a half off.

I am sad if this is short, English isn't my local language.


— — –

"On Rivotril for 26yrs. Specialists cool turkeyed me 4yrs this coming july14th. Still not exceptionally well. had heaps of solace from your manual thank you so in particular. It revealed to me I was not the only one and I was not going distraught. Much obliged to you such a great amount for your devotion to discovering what benzos do to individuals and how to reduce the misery from falling off them.

"Say thanks to YOU" cheers."

— — –


Just needed to state how this technique is helping me. Initially, I was on xanax however it's short acting so I completed an ease back precise change over to valium, which I'm right now taking. Begun at 15 mgs (in 3 measurements for the duration of the day), now down to 10 mg for every day (first dosage is 3.75 next is 3.75 and evening is only 2.5mg) and I have a great intensifying drug store which is making me particular doses so I don't need to cut tablets or break up in water.

Very appreciative they can do this for me and furthermore that my MD will recommend the in the middle of dosages and not squeezing me to drop excessively too rapidly. I'm doing this gradually thus far I feel alright. I am incessantly sick (adrenal and thyroid issues from earlier stimulant/benzo utilize) however am not encountering any withdrawals from this reduction.

Thank you."

— — –

"Eight years back I concluded that I never again wished to take the recommended dozing pill which I had felt fundamental for a decent night's sleep. Four years past my new UK specialist had divided my measurements as 2mg of Dormonoct was excessively in her opinion. Being oblivious of the entire benzo circumstance I acknowledged that choice and pushed on, nurturing a twisting mother until her passing in 2003.

During that time my emotional wellness was questioned, but any uneasiness and sorrow was thought to be relied upon because of my day in and day out obligations as carer.

Following my mom's demise I believed I could deal with a couple of sleepness evenings and examined with my specialist that I might want to fall off Dormonoct. His solitary encourage was to take it slowly, yet neither he nor I had any thought what gradually meant. thus I took a month and a half to wean myself off 1mg of what was what might as well be called 10 mg valium.

Those beginning weeks were pretty bad, yet I am an extreme woman and never at any point considered continuing those tablets, it wasn't an alternative no chance was I going to be "out there" and needing a resting pill. In reality I had sold up and had proposed to migrate to Spain.

For three months I orchestrated my affairs, found a condo to lease in Spain where I trusted whatever was debilitated me, I would have the capacity to overcome. By this time I had loathsome tinnitus (on three levels) throbbing muscles and legs that felt like lead, so much so it was difficult to stroll up stairs. At this point I was encountering unreasonable fear, suspicion and sorrow. I didn't know anything about benzodizepines. But some way or another I found a web bistro and started to advise myself. For months I read Professor Ashton's page and segments of and in the long run joined BI. owever, I had likewise spent much cash having tests in Spain as I thought that it was difficult to trust that I could at present be affected by withdrawal exactly 9 months later. In certainty I was getting worse.

Everything became alright lastly I had an idea of what may not be right with me despite the fact that I have never truly had approval from anybody in the medicinal profession. If it hadn't have been for Heather Ashton's work I genuinely believe that I would have viewed myself as running insane with different kinds of symptoms that were psychosomatic. During my chance on BI I turned into an arbitrator and not exclusively did I generally direct sufferers to the Ashton manual I started to acknowledge exactly how worldwide her function and techniques had become. The rationale of exchanging to valium and a moderate withdrawal from that specific benzo was evident and basic but I know there are specialists overall who still inquiry it… … that used to goad me, now I simply feel lose hope at the harm done and is possibly being done through such obliviousness. I am sad this has been so long, however I wanted to show from where my gratefulness was coming.

Thank You."

— — –

"If not for discovering Professor Ashton's work– or rather, the general population who before me who discovered her work and made it accessible to me, I may have never realized that benzodiazepines exacerbated my uneasiness to such an extent. I discovered that such a significant number of the alarming withdrawal side effects that influenced me to think I had each infection known to man were really ordinary to involvement in withdrawal. I needed to decrease significantly more gradually than the Ashton Protocol, however without her data she gave after she understood what these medications do in the cerebrum and body, I would have presumably quite recently thought I'd gone insane. Much obliged to you Professor Ashton, I trust some time or another that somebody can proceed with your diligent work… "

— — –

"I run a care group with a sister in torment. We are so honored to have your devices and manual. I am unfortunately a without any weaning period. Be that as it may, with your assistance We have spared numerous from the bad dream of quick decreasing. Much obliged to you so much."

— — –

"I laud you for the remarkable work you have done by "helping such a significant number of individuals to free themselves from dependence on benzodiazepines" and for the "Ashton Manual" that you wrote to teach those of us requiring help in how to decrease these repulsive medications and to get our lives back.

Your work has profited such a large number of individuals, home and abroad.

Thank You for paving the street for such a large number of us to heal.

And for the future!

Respectfully Yours"

— — –

"Dearest Heather Ashton,

I fell off of Benzodiazepines some time before I found your Ashton Manual. I tapered myself way too quick in 3 months time and languished Protracted Withdrawal Syndrome over a couple of years following. When I finaly found your Manual, I was so amazingly appreciative to at last comprehend all the symptoms I had for so long. I am presently additionally extremely appreciative to have the capacity to allude individuals to your Manual whom it will benefit. I can't thank you enough for all your diligent work in the interest of every one of us who have experienced so appallingly benzodiazepines."

— — –

"Dear Dr. Ashton,

I need to thank you for your work with benzodiazepine withdrawal issues and how to manage them. I was extremely wiped out for a long time, not realizing what wasn't right with me. I saw endless experts, experienced twelve or more investigatory tests, and spent multi month in a healing center so they could discover what wasn't right with me. Not a solitary specialist at any point recommended that maybe my side effects may have something to do with benzo drugs.

A chance experience with a naturopathic specialist following five long stretches of hellfire drove me to the possibility this was benzo resilience withdrawal. It was after this that I found your work and enabled me to start the extensive procedure of decreasing from this hurtful drug.

I am as of now in the sixteenth month of this difficult procedure of decreasing, yet without the knowledge picked up from your work, I would even now be looking for medicinal help pursuing symptoms.

Thank you for that you have done. It is a colossal commitment to society and ideally the American therapeutic network will one day find out about what they are possibly doing when they recommend these drugs."

— — –

"Without Professor Ashton's information of benzodiazepines and how to securely decrease these pills I would have had no expectation at all of consistently getting off. I can't express gratitude toward her enough for her endeavors. No ifs ands or buts she has spared incalculable lives from long periods of torment and hopelessness caused by the dependence on these drugs.

I will be always appreciative for the expectation her words have given me."

— — –

"I simply needed to compose a couple of words to state that I am so appreciative to have discovered Heather's data online a couple of years back! It empowered me to find out about the medications I was recommended, what they were doing to me and furthermore instruct my GP about securely decreasing. I truly do feel that on the off chance that I had not discovered this data my life would be a horrendous parcel worse!!

Thank you Heather! :)"

— — –

"There are genuinely no words to thank you for your work you have done concerning your Manual and with those people whose lives are contrarily influenced by the over ardent endorsing of benzodiazepines by unmindful doctors… I can't start to envision the sheer number of lives, families, relational unions, youngsters, employments, homes, and so forth., that your fantastically imperative work has contacted… What I can envision and know for certain is the manner by which you have helped me personally."

— — –

"I was recommended Klonopin in late 2008 for gentle nervousness I was having from beginning my own particular business. I immediately grew seriously unfriendly dumbfounding responses and resilience impacts.. This delivered a progression of occasions that is inconceivable to any individual who has not experienced it… I had to a great degree serious circulatory strain issues and threw myself on and off of various medicines endeavoring to settle the issue as I genuinely accepted for two or more years I was going totally crazy… Resulting in hospitalizations, and making a fuel impact from the benzos that is surreal.

It took me almost two years to perceive this was a consequence of serious benzo withdrawal from two mg of Klonopin. I found this obviously by perusing the rundown of side effects in your Manuel… And understanding that I truly had each side effect… I am a doubter by nature however and thought that it was difficult to trust that two minor little pills could cause so much decimation and destroy my life… truth be told in any case, this was unquestionably the case…

In a nutshell I got VERY little help from such a large number of different doctors that I went to see-particularly from Psychiatrists-who over and over let me know obliviously that in the event that I simply "Treated my fundamental condition" – which would if course change and shift contingent upon the conclusion of the treating doctor, the various manifestations would essentially leave… I guarantee you, nothing could be further from the truth. I needed to have my beau do the vast majority of my exploration for me seeing the withdrawal as I have been excessively debilitated, making it impossible to peruse all through a lot of this, however our examination dependably drove us back to you and the Ashton Manual…

At this point I have now given the manual to a few different doctors in the my region… One of which was an ER doctor low maintenance, who said that he read it cover to cover and uses it to help his patients in managing withdrawal in ER settings, and also a few different specialists that I have demonstrated it to as a major aspect of my decrease plan. I have additionally prescribed the Manual to others that need assistance decreasing and gave it by and by to others… I likewise come in equipped with it to provide for any doctor I see.

How would i be able to thank you enough? As I have said there are really no words, as you have truly spared my life… My circulatory strain was to a great degree high and your proposal of the utilization of beta blockers I am sure has kept me from torment a stroke or heart assault as I keep on proceeding with my decrease… Things are still harsh for me, yet I am sure they would be far more regrettable notwithstanding you and the astounding way that you have carried on with your life in administration of others. Thank you, thank you, much obliged. Your life has contacted such a large number of individuals and spared such a large number of lives… More than you can imagine. I wish you the good luck in the greater part of your future undertakings… May they be as satisfying and lovely as the astonishing work you have achieved in helping those whose lives have been influenced by benzodiazepines."

— — –

"Dear Dr. Ashton,

I need to thank you for your diligent work in helping casualties of benzodiazepine reliance. I am one of the numerous that was hurt by these medications. I was given clonazepam for minor a sleeping disorder however after about a year I attempted to quit taking it. I thought I was gravely sick and my specialists did not understand what wasn't right with me either. Finding your manual online spared my life by making me mindful that I was physically subject to the medication. I could never have known something else. I don't have the words to express my emotions. In what manner can I? Much obliged to you truly appears to miss the mark. Simply realize that I will be perpetually be appreciative to you. I feel that you spared my life as well as you spared my rational soundness as well."

— — –

"Dear Dr. Ashton,

Your time, exertion and commitment to Benzo withdrawal is profoundly valued. I was kept on Klonopin for a long time. I am 21 months out and still especially in recuperation. I read all that I can to enable me to adapt to the unusual symptoms.

Had it not been for your work I would no doubt still be on Klonopin and wiped out in tolerance.

I know one day I will be healed.

Thank you. For whatever you do to help us."

— — –

"Prof Ashton is my own champion, I know completely that on the off chance that I hadn't perused her work, I would have expected I'd gone insane, and wound up more sedated, debilitated and presumably hospitalized or potentially more regrettable. I was exceptionally wiped out and self-destructive when I read this great women work. She spared my life. With the assistance of her manual I got myself well again.

A million much appreciated, Heather."

— — –

"Dr. Ashton,

Your all consuming purpose was my life's salvation. I wish I had perused the manual amid those most recent few long stretches of my benzo use to know I was in resilience withdrawals. I could have spared a ton of cash and uneasiness in medicinal tests. Now I am benzo free, feel approved as far as I can tell and KNOW I have a future to look forward to!

I might want to say thanks to Professor Heather Ashton et al., for the majority of the profitable work they have done in regards to benzodiazepines. Her manual has been instrumental in helping me decrease my benzodiazepine. The "manual" is the most exhaustive wellspring of data in helping individuals fall off these prescriptions, and in addition a wellspring of approval with respect to the indications one can experience while decreasing. I am always thankful that the manual has been accessible online without fetched so I could effectively decrease. Much thanks to you. Sincerely"

— — –

"Dear Professor Ashton,

When I found your manual through the Benzo Buddies Community, I was in the darkest place of my life. I read it again and again and each time felt your solace… you gave me trust. You were instrumental in getting me through the bad dream of withdrawal… and I realize that I am one of many.

My genuine on account of you for minding such a great amount of and for making it workable for such huge numbers of to completely comprehend the risks and realities of Benzodiazepines. You have had any kind of effect in the lives of so many.

With much reverence and appreciation."

— — –

"Dear Dr. Ashton,

I put in 9 years dependent or ward upon or stuck in Klonopin.

After a long haul, and horrendously treated psychosis that was erroneously credited to Valium (I am persuaded it was Zoloft). I started the undertaking of getting off all psychotropes. Klonopin was terrible. With horrendous seizures, looseness of the bowels, an and heaving, I worked with my internist to get off it. I had never known about the Ashton manual. I finished my multi year use in two weeks. My specialist cut my 1 mg measurement down the middle at that point in quarters over a fourteen day period.

Later, I found out about fluid decreasing. That would have been a considerably more astute path for this to have happened.

Now, I let my think suppliers think about Dr. Ashton and her life sparing and liberal work.

Thank you"

— — –

"My specialists and MD declined to do the Ashton decrease with me… … said they'd never known about it and that I expected to up my measurement of Clonazepam.

God drove me to a private facility specialist in another city regarding bio indistinguishable hormone treatment which I didn't do however he happened to reveal to me that he helped patients fall off of Benzodiazapines utilizing the Heather Ashton method. I was ecstatic! It was a response to prayer! A miracle! I have decreased from 20 mg of Valium down to 7mg so far. I am anticipating completing the taper.

My psychological capacity has enhanced tremendously with the decrease. I am 67 years old. I would have become feeble had I been left on the drug. I was well on the way.

In all seriousness, You are my hero!"

— — –

"Without Professor Ashton's diligent work I would presumably be dead at this point, simply. Initially I was advised to cut my Clobazam measurement by a silly sum and wound up so sick and suicidal. It was after some essential research that I happened upon what we currently call "The Ashton Manual". That astounding disclosure helped me to comprehend what was occurring to me and thus I could discover my way through the mine field of withdrawal in a more secure fashion. Thank you for sparing my life, Professor Ashton, I am for ever indebted."

— — –

"To say that you spared my life may sound excessively emotional, yet from my point of view it is very fitting. A mishap that left me with neuropathic damage and torment set me on a course with the wellbeing network that discovered me 8 years after the fact dependent on Valium, zanaflex, and sedatives. I knew I was stuck in an unfortunate situation and unearthed the Ashton Manual amid a web seek. I requested it, utilized it, and am thrilled to state that following a year-long decrease I am currently 15 months free of benzos. And the various medications, as well. Without your assistance I would not be making the most of my life once more, medicate free.

A gigantic thank you!"

— — –

"It is genuinely terrifying to consider what might have happened to me and incalculable others if Professor C.H. Ashton had not done her earth shattering work in the field of benzodiazepine reliance and withdrawal, and distributed what has basically turned out to be known as "The Ashton Manual". While in between measurement withdrawal from Xanax, I hunt the web down a piece of information about what was transpiring, which I expected was either a medicinal issue or some kind of mental breakdown.

Fortunately, I discovered Prof. Ashton's manual and scholarly, not just what had happened to me and why I was so bargained, yet how to save myself by following her medicine for weaning myself securely off the medication. After I was effective in doing as such, I distributed a book about benzodiazepine withdrawal. I sent a duplicate to her—which touched base on her birthday. She mercifully composed back to me and called attention to a couple of blunders in my content. I could revise them in resulting releases of the book, ensuring that individuals had exact data about benzodiazepine discontinuation.

Even in the wake of expressing "Benzodiazepines: How They Work and How To Withdraw", Prof. Ashton kept on working eagerly toward teaching people in general about the perils of benzodiazepine reliance, distributing papers, giving talks, and relating with people to answer their inquiries and concerns. In view of her endeavors, numerous individuals — myself included—have had their lives offered back to them. She has been our boss, reestablishing us to ourselves and our families. There is nobody to whom I owe a more prominent obligation of gratitude.

Thank you, Professor Ashton."

— — –

"I would not have had any data about benzodiazepine withdrawal had I not approached the Ashton convention. My doctor had no proposals for decreasing so I was compelled to look for my own particular strategy. I found the Ashton convention and Benzo Buddies and between the two could devise an arrangement. I am about completed with my decrease. It has been troublesome yet the data accessible in the Ashton convention helped me see I was encountering typical manifestations. I required this consolation and it was not accessible somewhere else. Much obliged to you Dr. Ashton. Your work in this field has been life-saving.

With gratitude."

— — –

"Hello Dr. Ashton,

I am so in wonderment of you and all you have done and keep on doing for those of us in the benzodiazepine network. We as a whole know about you and your generosity. None of us would be as far along in our fight against Benzos if not for you. You are stunning and there are insufficient words to offer my own thanks for you and your work.

I have won my fight and am improving at this point. I have perused and rehash your Manual alongside your work posted on This was a help for me. I didn't know anything about this. I trusted and had faith in what specialists were educated. I currently know in an unexpected way. I am doing whatever I can to get the message out to the therapeutic network through my own experiences.

This all will one day be known and comprehended and nobody should persevere what a significant number of us have all together for the medication organizations to make benefits. I am disheartened by the huge benefits made by the officials in these companies.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you and for being here for us.

With much love."

— — –

"I was not ready to decrease as a result of my since a long time ago entangled benzo history and the occasions I had ceased far too quick with my specialists "direction". Anyway following 7 years, that started with a short course of Zopiclone, that prompt in excess of 29 endorsed psychoactive medications in year and a half, and 7 diverse mental "mis"diagnoses in 4 years, I am currently healing.

If it wasn't for Dr Ashton and her manual I could never have possessed the capacity to make sense of what was transpiring. I clutched the learning that her mastery gave disregarding the way that each specialist (counting 3 whom I used to work straightforwardly with in the neighborhood healing facility) declined to accept what had transpired. I told each doctor there is an immediate connection on the site of the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons to the Ashton Manual and that it is proposed reading.

It's just about 14 months and despite the fact that I have far to run as to mending I am 500% superior to I was.

I am thankful for Dr Ashton. In the event that it was not for her work, I can really say that I would not be here today."

— — –

"Dr Ashton spared my life, I had turned out to be dependent on zopliclone (z-tranquilize) I had such a significant number of odd and difficult side effects more than 50 of them. I was all through loss and my specialists medical procedure for quite a long time with no clarification for my symptoms.

Then in supreme distress I looked on the web and went over the Dr Ashton manual, everything in there clarified why I were experiencing unexplained indications. I printed off the manual and went straight to my specialist and asked him 'in the event that I could be tolerant on zopliclone' and he answered most likely yes. He at that point traversed to 20mg of valium and it took me a half year of decreasing to fall off, lessening 2mg each 2 weeks.

It was the most horrendous a great time however toward the end I started to feel so much better. I will never take anything like z-drugs or benzodiazapines again (except if it's a crisis circumstance that I need to take them and never long-term).

Thank you Dr Ashton, from the base of my heart."

— — –

"I am a therapist by calling and have had a genuine arousing to the intensity of mental medicine. I have decreased 1.5mg Rivotril starting at a half year prior. My specialist didn't think I expected to change over to Valium in spite of me specifying the Ashton Manual. So I dry cut with a quick decrease more than 3 months yet was put onto zyprexa to deal with the withdrawal force. I see currently all things considered that this choice was not an insightful one but rather being in the throes of withdrawal does not take into account any sort of sane reasoning to state the least.

Be that as it might, the work and research information given by educator Ashton has been precious and still is. I have not recuperated up 'til now but rather her manual gives much expectation that recuperation is conceivable. I will always be thankful. On the off chance that exclusive the mental expert network practiced more alert as they endorse medicines. My view is that patients ought to be cautioned ahead of time of the trouble of pulling back benzodiazepine prescription. It is their entitlement to know.

Thank you Professor Ashton!"

— — –

"There are numerous individuals in life who go unrecognized and around 2 years prior I ran over one. Her name was Pam Armstrong who worked in conjunction with Professor Ashtons convention for withdrawal from benzo's. In 1990 we had a gathering of 40 in number individuals you were following the convention and with awesome outcomes. A few people more than 2 years even returned to work in the wake of being reluctant to try and leave their entryway. In the event that individuals like Professor Ashton hadnt ventured forward with her work we would presumably still be the 'quiet ones'.But no more. We are gradually being heard. Much obliged to you for all your work. As a result of it I understood I could recapture my life back gradually and my child, now 26, put the benzo message out to individuals in his age gathering, so they don't need to 'endure'. Much obliged to are cherished and especially valued by many… "

— — –

"I might want to add my gratitude to Dr. Ashton for all her work and commitment to those anguish from benzo utilize. Her manual clarifies the marvel exceptionally well. It gave me words and comprehension to what has been transpiring. This by itself has helped me incredibly to adapt to the withdrawal process."

— — –

"Hello Professor Ashton,

I have been putting this off on the grounds that I couldn't discover the words to pass on my appreciation… I sincerely don't know where I would be today without your work throughout the years. Possibly on a huge number of meds, in a mental healing center, or more terrible, I truly don't have the foggiest idea. I am at present eight months off benzos and still in recuperation, yet because of you, I have trust on my side. What's more, that is all I have to overcome this. You have spared numerous lives, thank you for the work you do and keep on do.

With appreciation and love."

— — –

"If not for the magnificent works of the Ashton report I would not be showing signs of improvement. My story starts with an unpleasant hysterectomy. I was put in Xanax for a long time. I deteriorated PTSD, I had withdrawals while on Xanax.

I needed to discover data on a UK site about benzodiazepines. There is nothing on USA pages about help.

I was determined to have Fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, sadness, freeze assaults and the meds botched my gallbladder up. I at long last discovered Recovery Road, after my Doctors influenced me to stop without any weaning period. I was still on 1mg multi day. I went into disjoin extended withdrawals. I was made to stop on September seventeenth at 3.:30pm. 2010 I am as yet having withdrawals. It has nearly been three years.

I still have serious rest unsettling influence, peevishness, expanded pressure and nervousness, freeze assaults, hand tremor, perspiring, trouble in fixation, perplexity and subjective trouble, memory, palpitations, cerebral pain, solid torment and firmness. I can't drive due to vertigo.

What is so disturbing is that each specialist I have been to in these two years reveal to me it's not from benzos and that they have never known about teacher Ashton!

But all blood test, EKG's and other repulsive test they give return as saying I am solid. So then they attempt and put me on against nervousness or antidepressants. It is an endless loop. I quit going to specialists and simply consider the Aston report… And converse with withdrawal bunches in the UK. Recuperation Road has been my life saver!

Please encourage us. We require this answer to be given to each specialist that practices, we have to show specialists in therapeutic school how terrible these medications can be! Training is required here in the states!!
I am fortunate to have had the Internet and with assurance found the data to help spare my life, and begin without anyone else street to recovery."

— — –

"I simply needed to give you a heart-felt a debt of gratitude is in order for all you have done to help comprehend and sympathetically oversee benzo withdrawal. You were my controlling light out of the dimness of the most noticeably awful night horse of my life. Much thanks to you, thank you, bless your heart… ."

— — –

"Dear Professor Ashton,

I might want to state bless your heart. I was misdiagnosed for a long time and I would never have known the reason for my ailment had I not found the 'Ashton Manual' on line.

When I initially turned out to be sick I was determined to have tension, when unbeknown to me I was really experiencing resilience withdrawal caused by the medicate which was endorsed by my GP after a family bereavement.

My Doctors explored for a not insignificant rundown of sicknesses cerebrum tumor, Addisons illness, and heart issues. The rundown goes on. Many examinations were conveyed out. I was even admitted to doctor's facility a few times for suspected heart attack. I was finally misdiagnosed with unclear ailments e.g. Interminable exhaustion, vaso-vagal syncope.

I was persuaded that it was not all that I had dependably been exceptionally fit and I knew it was something unique, yet the specialists wold not trust me. Eventually I searched the Internet in an expectation that I would locate the genuine reason for my problems.

Eventually I found the Ashton Manual. I cried with alleviation when there in your manual was each side effect that for just about three years I had been enduring from.

Without this my Doctors would have proceeded to misdiagnose me or to state it was all because of uneasiness or all in my head. I was, and still am, deeply saddened by how little the medicinal profession appear to know or admit about the impacts of these medications and withdrawal.

Thank you Professor Ashton for being our voice and for tending to such a major problem.

Thank you for your valor without which such a significant number of all of us over the world would be misdiagnosed and misbelieved.

I am currently struggling in withdrawal yet I am off the medication and gradually recouping now.

After numerous years I am getting my life back.

I don't comprehend what might have transpired in the event that I had not found your manual.

In all seriousness. Yours most sincerely."

— — –

"Professor Ashton, Thanks for your work. It really helped me get past my getting off this medication. I was falling off clonazepam and did not comprehend what on the planet was transpiring. At the point when amidst the night crying not recognizing what was happening with me I discovered your book. You have contacted such a significant number of individuals with your work.

I wish you and your family the best."

— — –

"Dear Dr Ashton,

I was wiped out for a long time and had no clue from what. I was told over and over it was in my mind. I discovered Geraldine Burns' site around then and she sent me your manual. I am as yet battling, anyway your manual was a lifeline. I have sent it out to specialists and numerous individuals. I have had the delight of talking with you on the telephone and observed you to be exceptionally charming. I have moved toward becoming companions with Geraldine and keep on educating individuals with your work. Much thanks to you for giving the time and vitality to a reason that such a large number of are totally uninformed of. May God favor you and may every one of us heal.

Thank you."

— — –

"Wow, when I read that you would have a period of respecting Professor Ashton I thought there truly wouldn't be sufficient words to hold what I contemplate her bold work for individuals who have been decimated by Benzodiazepines. It was sufficiently astonishing to discover reality about what had been done to my body by these drugs. That I had been sold out and hurt by the simple individuals who should help and recuperate me. But to have those same individuals deny reality and afterward pivot and blame me for lying, daydream and different sorts of negative things genuinely managed the passing blow.

It was crafted by Professor Heather Ashton that gave me light that I wasn't insane and influencing things up… that to regardless of whether each specialist revealed to me I wasn't right, her words and work remained before me like a shield of truth, opposing the untruths, obliviousness, and cruelty. It just took one individual to remain in the rupture of this grave malevolence, and she addressed the call… for that I will be everlastingly grateful.

I have printed out and will keep on printing out the Ashton Manual as I acquaint it with each specialist and medicinal expert I come across. It is peers like her that they hear it out… is experts like her that patients surrender their trust… giving them trust that legit, modest, free reasoning, wise specialists still exist."

— — –

"Thank you Professor Ashton. Your work spared my rational soundness and my life. It is a ground-breaking apparatus that enables me to spread reality about Benzos, sparing the lives of incalculable individuals and maintaining a strategic distance from the demolition and enduring that no human can fathom except if they have strolled that profound, detestable, outsider, alarming, soul sucking, and apparently interminable road.

You have started to obstruct an open passage to a horrendous experience… and for that I ask that God bounteously favor you always. There can never be sufficient "thank you's" for what you have done."

— — –

"I have been on Ativan since 1994, at that point was changed to Clonazepam in 2005 by a specialist who was a purported "master" in pharmaceutical fixation… .poor thought. I'm a "unintentional junkie" as the first specialist endorsed the Ativan without permitting me any learning and threats of this drug.

After numerous long periods of rehashed endeavors, I went on the web and discovered your program… . I comprehended it plainly and scanned for a nearby specialist to grasp the technique of your decreasing system.I needed to go to another state to discover a specialist that is aware of your strategy, and I began the decreasing on January 4, 2013.

I educate everybody I know regarding your program, despite the fact that numerous specialists in America won't grasp your strategy… .they know everything, so it's futile to express the effortlessness of the technique on the off chance that they fall on hard of hearing ears.

I have no family, so this a trip I take alone… I do have God on my side, and He has been an awesome solace and given me the continuance to complete the voyage… not the race.

I have a few inquiries now that lone an expert would have the capacity to reply, yet assets here are thin to none.

I'm comfortable with and believe it's an incredible outlet of data assets and help… for me it is relatively similar to an AA meeting.

I completely comprehend everybody will have an alternate story to tell… no two will be especially indistinguishable as no two bodies and science will be the same while decreasing and after that healing.

I have taught myself to a point where I really trust I know more than around 95% of the docs recommending this toxic substance… bunches of research, experimentation and outright old presence of mind has been extremely advantageous for me.

I planned a spreadsheet that is an absolute necessity for anybody completing a decreasing project… it has been extremely valuable in thinking back, taking a gander at my decrease rates from week to week with notes I incorporate for consistently, alongside week after week comments.

I would love to have the additional learning from any individual who has been there, done that… or an expert that can control me the last couple of ventures of decreasing and planning for the mending process.

If it were in my capacity, I would assign you Saint Ashton in a heartbeat!

Your technique will spare my life, make another man with such a large number of new and awesome temperances… that part is exceptionally energizing, however it will happen when it should and not multi day too early, or past the point of no return… .exactly when it happens is adequate for me.

If there are assets you may propose, I'm all ears!

God favor your incredible work and kindly don't dither to get in touch with me as I do look for some further direction at this stage.

My specialist does around 95% sedative addicts, so they don't genuinely comprehend the "benzo" dependence extremely well… .I continue hearing to adhere to the program, you're doing awesome, yet that isn't enough.

Thanks ahead of time for any data, assets or course you can point me in.

Soon to be a free man!"

— — –

"Dear Dr Ashton,

I simply need to thank you for all the work you have done… .as it keeps on sparing lives.

I don't know I would be alive today on the off chance that I had not discovered your work on Benzo Buddies on the internet.

The medicinal calling keeps on denying the damage that Benzodiazepines cause daily.

Your deal with Benzo's spared my life.

When I am mended, I mean to wind up voice for those influenced by benzos.

The franticness needs to stop some place… ..and it won't occur until the point when we as a whole take a stand in opposition to these unpleasant drugs.

Thank you for the work you have so intrepidly done. I work in human services and I am enduring the iatrogenic impacts of medication that was composed for me in scramble after I hurt my back. The specialists aren't lying, they are altogether deceived as I was as well. I intend to strive to at any rate get a discovery cautioning on these medications. They ought to be removed the market, or at any rate convey a noteworthy cautioning preceding their use.

Keep up the great work."

— — –

"Thank you Dr. Ashton for your work and revelation in regards to benzodiazepines and the impairment they have on health. I have perused that you have gone out on a limb in her vocation to recognize the hazardous impacts of benzodiazepines and furthermore realize that your work has helped myself thus numerous others in pulling back from these drugs. It is a disgrace that there are just a couple of "Benzo-wise" experts that recognize the work and reality that has been uncovered with respect to these drugs.

While I was just on 1 mg Ativan for what many think about a brief timeframe (7 months, including decrease), I have and still am encountering the evil impacts of pulling back from these medications (been off for five months). There is no doubt as far as I can say at all that my body and mind have been adversely influenced and that withdrawal (counting resistance withdrawal) is nothing under "Extraordinary Madness" and "Hellfire on Earth". My supplication is that I and others in this circumstance will completely recuperate from the impacts of this medication, and life will by and by be worth living. I am thankful for Dr. Ashton's work as it gives trust that one day mending will occur.

Thank you Dr. Ashton for the Ashton manual and for uncovering reality about benzodiazepines and withdrawal."

— — –

"Hi Baylissa,

I trust everything is great. Much obliged such a great amount for assembling this tribute for Dr. Ashton expressing gratitude toward her for every last bit of her precious work.

Here is my commitment, in the event that you have a home for it.

All best,


It was 2005, October and I ended up living in furthest point, caught in my home by mounting dread as I battled through sheer power of will to be closed of clonazepam. I had been on benzos ceaselessly for a long time, and decreasing straightforwardly off, even at a quarter milligram at regular intervals, was demonstrating amazingly troublesome. At last, I got off the pills, yet simply after some misguided temporary routes into the distressing corridors of psychiatry, being set on different meds that exclusive made me sicker.

Still, there was trust; I clung to this expectation even as I entered my breaking point. Thinking about whether the specialists I'd confided in my mind to were misled, I'd begun Googling "benzodiazepines" one night and wound up at Ray Nimmo's site, and presently perusing Dr. Ashton's "Manual." Finally, out of the billow of disarray and murkiness, an answer: With clearness, quietude, and logical meticulousness, Dr. Ashton had archived precisely what I was encountering, and it was by then that I knew I was not the only one. That I was not, as my specialists had been letting me know, an oddity with "the most noticeably bad nervousness of anybody they'd ever observed." That I was in certainty falling prey to benzodiazepine reliance convoluted by an excessively fast taper.

In the end, it was past the point of no return for me to decrease by means of the technique Dr. Ashton prescribes, however going into the last mile furnished with information picked up from perusing her exploration, I took comfort in the way that I would some time or another mend—a reality that has since borne out as truth. I've likewise had the favorable luck to relate with Dr. Ashton by means of phone and email, and she's been a precious partner and master voice of direction in composing I've done regarding the matter of benzodiazepines, these medications that about guaranteed my life.

So a significant number of us would not be here today without Dr. Ashton's diligent work on, ability in, and commitment to this tragically ignored subject. I am one of those individuals. To state "Thank you" nearly feels inadequate, yet I know no better words. From me, and from every one of us: Dr. Ashton, thank you."

— Matt Samet, Boulder, Colorado

— — –

"We are writing to offer our thanks for the work that Dr Heather Ashton has done in the territory of Benzodiazepine withdrawal. The Ashton manual has turned out to be a precious asset in giving direction to our customers over the years. She has likewise given important input on past administration reports which have served to us to refine later versions that have been submitted to the Management Committee and Sponsors alike. Her discussions on the impacts of Benzodiazepines on the mind have educated the two customers and stakeholders. She is a motivation to those of us who work here and we are appreciative for all that she has done.


Melanie Davis

Manager of the Tranquilizer Service Mind in Camden."

— — –

"I am composing this in the expectations that Professor C. Heather Ashton will be perceived for the universal work that she has finished with benzodiazepines worldwide.

Years back I approached Professor Ashton to compose something for a book I was assembling about the destructive impacts of benzodiazepines. amazingly and to the advantages of several thousands around the globe, she composed three sections that were so entire inside itself, we presently send her manual "Benzodiazepines: How They Work and How to Withdraw" otherwise called The Ashton Manual worldwide to sufferers, doctors, detox focuses, concerned relatives, etc.

She has given of herself indefatigably for the 15 years I have had the delight of knowing her. Any cash that she has gotten, she gives to encourage the cause. She really is a standout amongst the most striking individuals I have had the joy of knowing internationally. She truly thinks about the individuals who have been hurt by this class of drug.

At the time when I initially reached Professor Ashton years back, there was nothing accessible in the United States to approve the affliction that such a large number of experience because of taking this class of medication known as benzodiazepines. Her manual has not just helped thousands upon thousands recapture their lives or even spare their lives, however it is instructing the therapeutic field universally about this class of medication that is given out so normally with so small comprehension of the threats that are associated with the taking and withdrawal process.

If each one of those in the average field could have even 50% of the sympathy that she has, there would be such a great deal less enduring in light of the fact that she tunes in and cares. I can't think about a man more meriting than Professor C. Heather Ashton to get respect for the work that she has done and how her function will keep on saving much suffering.


Geraldine Burns"

— — –

"I am a recuperated survivor of long term benzodiazepine habit. My addiciton began in the mid seventies and proceeded for a long time until 1987, when I at long last pulled back. Lamentably, I didn't have the support and counsel of Professor Ashton's manual when I was in withdrawal as it had not be published.

In 2002, however, I recorded 'Safe Benzo Recovery' a counsel and data tape (that was later to be refreshed to CD arrangement, and now, MP3) and Professor Ashton generously assessed the contents earlier to recording, and furthermore provided a tribute for the cover. I felt immensely respected that she would do this for me.

I have enormous appreciation and appreciation to her for supporting the benzodiazpeine withdrawal network. Her situation as a professor of psychopharmacology, loaned gravitus to our battle to bring issues to light of the torment and misery experienced by those endeavoring to come off their doctor prescribed prescription. This, at a time when the restorative calling, the pharmaceutical business and government were to a great extent either denying or disregarding the colossal outrage benzodiazeopine addiciton had created amid the sixties, seventies and past. Tragically, little has changed.

The Ashton Manual turned into the holy book for incalculable thousands of individuals, and also bolster specialists in emotional well-being philanthropies, associations and withdrawal gatherings. Her mettle in remaining solitary as a psychopharmacologist, and 'talking truth to control', merits the most elevated respect that the UK can bestow.

Thank you from Paula Kovacs"

— — –

"Dear Dr. Ashton:

I kept in touch with you years back when I at long last found that benzos were my problem. I had faith in the restorative calling for a considerable length of time that I had a concoction awkwardness in my cerebrum and that all my wellbeing and mental issues were inferable thereto. I was buried in wretchedness and despondency and pondered finishing my life incessantly. When I read your manual, it gave me recharged trust… .you spared my life.

I have now been off the medications for a long time and my wellbeing has experienced the first drugging. I am currently attempting to repair my gut and am doing the GAPS eating routine and seeing numerous successes. It is my supposition that these medications truly affect the gut and liver function. I do trust that we were magnificently made and can go ahead to heal.

I likewise run a care group on facebook called Healing From Psych Drugs. The entire involvement with these medications absolutely has changed my life… .numerous things for the better. I have had the chance to meet a portion of the best individuals in the world. I am ready to do numerous things presently: travel; invest energy with my loved ones; play music once more, and so on and I generally attempt to give back in the benzo community.

I realize that if not for you that numerous individuals would not be with us now or would be drugged to the point that their lives would hold no meaning. I can never thank you enough for all that you have done.

  1. Day"

— — –

"Heather Ashton is without question a woman who has committed her life to helping endorsed benzodiazepine medicate addicts everywhere throughout the world. Her withdrawal Protocol has spare innumerable lives and the rational soundness of many. Her quietude in gaining from the casualties of these medications and running her own Clinic, separates her from her companions. She offers her Protocol for nothing out of pocket around the world. She is exceptional. An erratic and an extremely exceptional woman. The world would have been substantially darker without Heather in it and less safe.

I rely on her as a decent companion and have been special to be with her at Conferences and at supper, with my better half Susan. She is a merry individual and great organization and she is a decent listener.

Heather ought to be openly perceived for her enormous diligent work, commitment in helping iatrogenic addicts worldwide and tuning in to others, since she minds deeply.

All our Love Heather and May God Bless You.

Barry and Sue Haslam.x"

— — –

Thanks to everybody who took the time and attempted to recognize Professor Ashton's work. With respect to me, I don't comprehend what might have happened in the event that I hadn't discovered the Ashton Manual. I do really trust I would have been misdiagnosed with various therapeutic "conditions" (due to resilience withdrawal manifestations) and at this point would have been poly-medicated and scarcely functional.

Instead, I am without prescription, clear, cheerful, and separated from the prior dystonia for which I was endorsed the solution, am solid as well. Pulling back from the prescription was unquestionably justified regardless of the experience and I feel that it has made me more grounded, significantly stronger, more sympathetic and grateful.

The positive effect that Professor Ashton's work has influenced must to never be thought little of. This isn't exclusively about decreasing strategies. It is about approval of our encounters and believability as well. The main thing my GP did when I took him a printed duplicate of her Manual was search for the certifications of the essayist. When he saw that she was a psycho-pharmacologist, he unhesitatingly consented to my tapering.

No one has taken the cudgel from Professor Ashton. She is an uncommon and valuable gem who, albeit now resigned, keeps on buckling down and to help endeavors towards arrangement changes and damage reduction.

Thank you, Professor Ashton, from every one of us… with much appreciation, love and respect.


Vynne Baylissa Frederick