Prof. Ashton - Testimonials

Helping handsWe are extremely pleased to share our tribute to Professor Heather Ashton in recognition of her invaluable work over the decades. Below are the testimonials from people all over the world who acknowledge her Ashton Manual and/or other work as being instrumental in their healing. Within a few weeks of asking those who felt they had been helped to write in, we received a flood of “Thank you” messages. Names and identifying details have been withheld for anonymity. You will be deeply touched by these messages, as we were.

To get a true estimate of the people helped by Professor Ashton’s work, you will need to consider that this was done within a few weeks and she has been working tirelessly for decades, therefore we can safely say tens of thousands have been saved from harm. The messages were printed off and sent in a red leather folder with an image of helping hands and a “Thank you” message. She was surprised, very moved and very grateful. We love her dearly and greatly appreciate all she has done.

Here is her response:

Professor Ashton’s “Thank You” Letter to everyone who wrote.

“If not for stumbling upon the Ashton manual, I would never have been able to successfully gotten off benzodiazepine, and would still be suffering in some level of tolerance withdrawal today. I tried to discontinue klonopin after a year of very low .25 daily dosage over a period of a month, to find that I suddenly felt sicker than I can ever have imagined. I did not connect it to the medication, though i went to the doctor, and told her I had discontinued it three weeks prior. I was advised to reinstate the medication, and subsequently took two more tries before I realized what I was dealing with was more than just my own original anxiety. I used the Ashton manual as my guide through what for me has been by far the most difficult experience of my 55 years. i am now 18 months free of klonopin, and still having issues, but far less than at first. I just would like to personally express my sincere gratitude for the work she has so tirelessly done in an area that no one else seems to have been interested or invested in exploring. Thank you. It has been a lifeline. There is so little documented research and help out there. My doctor just advised me to take benzos the rest of my life, that withdrawal was not the issue- I was.

Please extend my best wishes and appreciation to Prof Ashton for helping so many of us.”


“Dear Dr : Reason im sending this mail is to let you know that you help me survive thru my withrwals  12 months of pain of a 3 month drug coktail of benzos given by a not very savy doctor¡  reading your manual  practically saved my life. you are a hero¡¡¡ among people going thru withrawals. keep up the good work¡¡
best regards from Mexico”


Professor Ashton,

“I went years on benzos, in tolerance withdrawal, as my world slowly crumbled around me each year I was on them. I was told over and over that I had an anxiety disorder, even after my initial adverse reaction so many years ago in 2003 when I was first introduced to benzos by my doctor.  

To make a long story short, this lead to several  cold turkey w/d’s, reinstatement, hospital visits, several lost jobs, lost friendships/relationships, increasing symptoms and the overall deterioration of my mental, emotional and physical health. I spent years searching for answers through my doctors and finally just started to give up. 

I found the Ashton Manual in 2009. It was like a heaven opened its doors and was shining down on me. Even through the apathy and misery that was my life, I was able to feel a euphoric joy that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I finally had validation after so many years of being dismissed or invalidated.

Knowing that all of my symptoms were w/d related, gave me a new found determination and hope. Having the Ashton manual gave me a new found hope for my life and enabled me to deal with a lot of the fear associated with benzo withdrawal. It helped me face it with confidence that I would eventually be well again some day. That one discovery of the Ashton manual has been the turning point in my life. Everything changed for me on that day.

I just wanted to say thank you, Professor Ashton, from the bottom to the top of my, warn out and beaten to hell, heart. Thank you so very very much for all of your hard work and dedication to this problem. You have changed the lives for so many people and will continue to change the lives of people to come. Thank you.


My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Professor Heather Ashton for all the work that she has done in the area of Benzodiazepine withdrawal, tolerance & dependency. My wife was prescribed a benzodiazepine for a relatively simple matter. What followed has been nothing short than horrific. We spent 18 months suffering from countless health problems & symptoms, misdiagnosis, medication upon medication, hospital admissions & complete loss of hope that life would ever return to normal.

I knew that for all our years of marriage my wife had been well. Now in such a short period of time, she had deteriorated so significantly that I truly thought I would lose her. I knew something was causing this problem, but without medical knowledge how could I find the answer. I put my trust in God and decided to try. I stumbled on the Ashton Manual 3 months ago and the heavens opened. Soon, I had a clear understanding of how & why my wife had suffered for so long. I understood how Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Gynaecologists & Specialists of various medical fields could get it wrong. I could finally see a way out of the maze.

My wife is currently tapering off Valium. It is going to be a long process, but a process that will ultimately see her back to full health & happiness. I thank the day that I came across the work of Professor Heather Ashton. Without it, she might still be caught in that endless maze.

Thank You.