Welcome to the Recovery Road Helpline


We know that it is sometimes easier to write things down rather than to pick up the phone. This is why we have introduced the email support service. When you contact us by email we will get back to you usually within approximately 24 hours or sooner. This service is secure and confidential and many consider it to be a lifeline.  Send your email to

What our users say about our email service:

“Thank you for always replying. I print off your emails and whenever I feel down about what’s happening, I read them over and over.”

“The encouragement and reassurance that I get from you is what keeps me going. Thank you for helping me make it through this nightmare.”


Recovery Road is also available on Skype. This enables you to call us for free over the internet using a piece of software that you can download here: Just follow the simple instruction on the website.

When you have set up your Skype account, simply click ‘Add contact’ at the top of the Skype box. Enter the username ‘recoveryroad’ and click ‘add selected contact’ when it comes up. Click the green phone icon to call us - it’s as simple as that.

Please be aware that Skype call quality may be variable depending on your internet connection.

This service is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.