For links to other agencies and organisations offering specialist support please visit our ‘Other Useful Websites’ page.


Ashton Manual

Battle Against Tranquillisers

Beating Benzos website

Benefits Advice – United Kingdom

Benefits Advice (Disability) – United States

Benzo Book

Benzo Book

Benzo Buddies support forum

Benzo Support Group website (comprehensive)

Beyond Meds

Bristol & District Tranquilliser Project

Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry (CEP)

Council for Information on Tranquillisers & Antidepressants

Dr David Healy’s website

Dr Peter Breggin’s website

Dr Reg Peart’s Website

Drugs Forum – Antidepressants

Facebook – We are not aware of the names of the groups but there are quite a few. Do Facebook searches for “benzos” or “antidepressants” and they should be listed.

Harm Reduction Approach to Mental Health – Will Hall

Mad in America – Psychiatric Care Resource & Community

MIND in Camden REST Minor Tranquilliser Service

Reconnexion Australia

Recovering from Psychiatry (Dr Healy’s site – report your symptoms)

Safe Benzo Withdrawal (offers self-management programme)

Surviving Antidepressants.Org