Forums (Fora)

Forums (or ‘Fora’ for the purists!) can provide much needed support and validation. Thousands of benzodiazepine, antidepressant and painkiller users log on daily for reassurance and guidance.

Here is list of forums:

Benzo Buddies

Benzo Exodus

Benzo Friends Yahoo Group

Benzo Island

Benzo Withdrawal.Com

Drugs-Forum.Com - Antidepressant Forum

Drugs.Com Painkiller Forum

My Painkiller

Paxil Progress

Tranquilliser Recovery & Awareness Place (TRAP)

A forum can be a lifeline - especially when other support is lacking. Whichever you choose to join, try not to focus on the symptoms and unfortunate accounts. Every forum has positive messages where some members share useful coping tips, quotes, favourite music, books and movies that may be uplifting. Being supportive of other members can be rewarding too, leaving you distracted and less preoccupied with your own challenges.


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