Helpline Support

Families and carers play an important part in supporting our users. We have recognised that you, too, need to be able to communicate with someone who is not part of the family and who is experienced, trained and able to offer support with the challenges that coping with a loved one who is having an intense and troubling withdrawal brings. It is also important for you to have quick and easy access to appropriate information and the correct facts.

Whether it is to check that a new symptom or out-of-character behaviour is ‘normal’, to share concerns and allay your fears, or just to hear a few quick words of reassurance, Recovery Road is here to support you. We will help you to identify options and ways of coping with the issues that arise as a result of your loved one’s withdrawal experience, and guide you regarding how to minimise the effects on family dynamics.

Recovery Road’s Helpline Workers will help you to understand withdrawal and you will no longer feel alone, overwhelmed or that your family’s experience is unique. We encourage you to contact us. Our support is safe, responsible and confidential. Our guidance will help to improve communication, allow a better understanding and reduce any negative impacts on the family that a difficult withdrawal can have. You, your family and your loved one will benefit.

Please visit our Helpline page for contact information.