Empowerment Programme

At Recovery Road we consider the following factors to be of utmost importance in completing the recovery process:

  • Hope
  • Empowerment
  • Self-responsibility
  • Re-establishing a meaningful role in life

Many who have come to the end of the withdrawal journey, ‘though recovered, are disempowered in terms of being able to move on from the experience and to re-establish a meaningful role in life. Our Empowerment Programme is offered over three months. It includes information on alternative ways of coping with anxiety, insomnia and depression – the main three conditions for which the drugs are prescribed - and suggestions for dealing with issues such as stigmatisation, returning to work and other issues which may be a pertinent part of rebuilding your life.

If you are fully or partially recovered from withdrawal and feel well enough to benefit from this programme, please write to us at: info@recovery-road.org to indicate your interest and for further details on how to enroll.


This Empowerment Programme is for individuals who are fully or mostly recovered from dependency and want to make positive changes in their lives. Open, honest and straightforward communication is necessary in order for it to be effective and participants must be sufficiently recovered to be able to engage in this way. They must be effectively functioning to a level where they are able to focus on a challenge or objective.

Nature of Relationship:

Participants must acknowledge that the Empowerment Programme is not counselling or any type of therapy, and should not be used as a substitute.


Recovery Road acknowledges that all information from the participant will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed without the participant’s prior written consent. In order to provide the participant with the highest quality of service, we reserve the right to anonymously and hypothetically discuss a particular need of the participant’s with professionals who provide service as a part of the Recovery Road team.

Exceptions where Recovery Road may make a disclosure are: 1) If the participant shares information that gives us reasonable cause to believe there are threats of serious harm to the self or others. 2) If required to disclose by law. 3) To prevent the participant from committing a criminal or fraudulent act or to mitigate or rectify such conduct.

Note: If the participant agrees to use wireless phones and email, she or he is indicating an agreement to use a communication medium that may not be completely secure.