Recovery Road is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting anyone experiencing withdrawal or discontinuance syndrome from a benzodiazepine tranquilliser, antidepressant or painkiller. Our members include users, ex-users, their families, friends, counsellors and health professionals. We are committed to linking our members with responsible, accurate and current information and to increasing awareness of the issues involved when these drugs are taken long-term. Most importantly, we aim to empower anyone experiencing withdrawal or discontinuance syndrome by giving them validation, support, information and ideas for coping.

Our organisation supports the premise that there is hope, that people do recover and are then able to function well in their everyday lives. We understand the complexities of withdrawal and the challenges that some of you may be facing as you follow through with the decision to come off the medication you are taking. We are also aware that quite often family members, friends and other care-givers find it difficult to relate to or cope with the issues that arise during your journey to recovery. We know just how much getting the support you need can make a positive difference to your experience.

This site is filled with many useful resources including videos, downloadable information sheets and flyers, a book store and podcasts. Our focus is on coping well, recovery, letting go and moving on. Membership is free and allows you access to all of this, our newsletter and more. You do not need to be a member, however, to use our Helpline which provides free confidential email and telephone support. We welcome you to Recovery Road and hope that you will benefit greatly from your visits.