The coaching packages offered below are based on the different levels of need. The fees quoted are for one month (not calendar month but for 4 weeks from purchase date). In order to make the packages affordable and accessible, the fees have been reduced and are considerably lower than normal coaching, counseling and consulting rates.

REDCare - Unlimited Emails plus Phone/Skype – Unlimited exchange of emails monthly plus 8 individual phone and/or Skype sessions monthly of up to 50 minutes duration: GB£250

The REDCare package suits those who are overwhelmed with intense symptoms, who are having difficulty coping, and who have a high level of need.

AMBERCare - Emails plus Phone/Skype - Responses to 8 emails monthly (2 emails per week) and 4 individual phone or Skype sessions of 50 minutes duration monthly (or 8 phone or Skype sessions of up to 30 minutes): GB£195

The AMBERCare package suits those with a higher than average level of need, who need to check in regularly.

 GREENCareEmails plus Phone/Skype - Responses to 4 emails monthly  (1 per week) and 2 individual phone or Skype sessions monthly (1 every 2 weeks) of up to 50 minutes duration: GB£99

The GREENCare package suits those with an average level of need, and who need reassurance from time to time.

All payments are made through Paypal (which accepts all credit cards).

Payments are made in advance using the link below.