‘With Hope in My Heart: A Memoir’

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'With Hope in My Heart' is an inspiring and amusing journal composed by Recovery Road's organizer, Baylissa Frederick.

Back cover blurb:

In this 'can't put down' moving and real diary, Baylissa Frederick ponders her survival of an exceptional withdrawal encounter and the exercises learned. From reliance, insolvency, dejection and grievous dates to recuperation and restoration, she relates her story with diversion, straightforwardness and effortlessness. You will be moved and at last roused by this record of survival against difficult odds.

A peruser's review:

'A 'must read' and 'can't put down' book

This is an engaging and in addition enlightening book about physician recommended medicate withdrawal. Joy has put a 'reality' setting to withdrawal by portraying what her life resembled through her experience while featuring many diverting, inspiring, and testing occurrences she experienced on her approach to recovery.
It's a fun, 'must read' for the two sufferers and non-sufferers of withdrawal. Sufferers will feel for Bliss' encounters and think that its encouraging, and now and again diverting, to perceive numerous encounters like their own particular depicted by Bliss, and non-sufferers will increase significant understanding about what genuine can resemble for some person recouping from physician recommended solution while endeavoring to adapt to life. As a man who has experienced the withdrawal encounter I exceedingly suggest this book.'

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‘Recovery and Renewal’

Recovery and Renewal is available at:

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This broadly fruitful book is a fundamental guide for advocates, specialists, other social insurance experts, relatives and anybody influenced by reliance and withdrawal from resting pills, different benzodiazepines and antidepressants. Drawn from the creator's close to home involvement with stopping a benzodiazepine endorsed for her dystonia (a neurological condition causing automatic developments), her numerous long stretches of supporting others in withdrawal, and her advising preparing and ability, it centers around mending and strengthening and incorporates adapting tips, examples of overcoming adversity, portrayal of side effects and everything else one has to know keeping in mind the end goal to self-mind and succesfully beat this experience.

With more than 100 positive Amazon surveys (US, UK and CA), Recovery and Renewal is viewed as a 'life saver' and perusers are motivated by the creator's mettle and assurance. It gives all the approval expected to kill the pressure that questions and vulnerability of what is occurring may bring, and does as such with the consoling sentiment of one's hand delicately being held.

'This book gives pleasant understanding and useful exhortation about benzodiazepine and upper reliance and withdrawal. It depends on individual experience, since the creator has herself experienced withdrawal. She is an accomplished instructor who has just helped numerous others; this new release will broaden her demonstrated success.'

– Professor C Heather Ashton, DM, FRCP, Clinical Psychopharmacologist and the UK's driving master on benzodiazepines

'Withdrawal because of ending antidepressants and benzodiazepines is a standout amongst the most troublesome of all beneficial encounters. This is the best of the books intended to help. Some portion of its prosperity originates from the creator's irresistible soul and her tireless energy and state of mind amid her own particular experience, which she relates through areas from her diary. It has clear data about withdrawal indications and process, and is a simple read – basic for those whose cognizance has been (briefly) weakened by the withdrawal experience.'

– The Rt. Hon. Luke Montagu, Viscount Hinchingbrooke