Bloom in Wellness 3

The ability to remain encouraged regardless of whether I am supported or not is of utmost importance at this time. Self-nurturing is a good practice no matter what my life situation may be, but especially so when experiencing something this complex which is misunderstood and others find extremely difficult to relate to.

While I cope with the daily challenges that come with looking after myself, I may at times feel frustrated, drained and isolated. These are normal reactions for which I will not criticise myself. Instead, I choose to validate my worth, and acknowledge my strength and courage.

It is good to have the reassurance of family and friends but I know how difficult it can be for them too. It is better for me to not become dependent solely on them for support and to be able to give it to myself.

Today, I remember to celebrate the decision I made to taper off my medication. I compliment myself for taking responsibility and for coping so well. I keep spurring myself on while I ride the waves and patiently await the completion of my recovery.

I am my biggest cheerleader!!

All my experiences prepare me for whatever life offers. I am grateful for everything that has happened and all that is happening now, knowing that I am being equipped to efficiently deal with the future.

Have a good weekend. If the withdrawal-induced fear becomes intense and starts to trick your mind into thinking this is the only reality there is and ever will be, just remain in awareness.

Remember how overwhelming and all-consuming this experience can be and so do your best to maintain a balanced perspective… always keeping in mind that everything you are going through is a part of the healing process, and that it will one day be completed and withdrawal will then come to an end.

Regardless of how intense the symptoms may be for you at this time, accept them without resisting, and choose to see them as evidence that your nervous system is doing all it can to become balanced and to function efficiently again.

And be gentle in what you say to yourself. This will reduce the fear and anxiety. Self-soothe with reassuring words, and without judgement or self-blame, let go of the less encouraging stories and worry thoughts. Hold on to HOPE, be patient and keep going. As my dear mummy used to say to me, “This, too, shall pass. This, too, shall pass.” ~Bliss

“Choose to align yourself with people who are like-minded in their search for simplified inspiration. Give those who find fault or who are confrontational a silent blessing and remove yourself from their energy as quickly as possible. Your life is simplified enormously when you don’t have to defend yourself to anyone, and when you receive support rather than criticism.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Today, I allow myself to genuinely feel. I do not resist whatever surfaces. Yes, it is good when I am optimistic, grateful and at peace with my situation. But there are other days when I may feel tired, overwhelmed, frustrated and fed up.

If today is one of those “blah” days, I reassure myself that it is okay and normal to feel this way. The best thing I can do is accept my vulnerability and give myself permission to be authentic and congruent.

I am able to freely experience my emotions and this allows me to regroup and re-balance.

Still, if I find myself becoming stuck in a dark space for too long, without resistance, guilt or judgement I will use my tried and tested, effective coping tools to bring my focus back to wellness.

I do this, with the knowing that no matter what my challenges are, I CAN and WILL overcome them.

I have no doubts about how STRONG I am, and so whenever I need to, I validate my feelings, allowing myself to express and process them.

I then, confidently and determinedly, continue along my path to wellness… with PATIENCE, HOPE and BELIEF in a positive outcome as my companions, trusting that ALL IS WELL.

Today, I take my focus back to healing, renewal and wellness. I am able to do this because I acknowledge that this challenge will one day end, and that when the timing is right for me, I will resume a normal, healthy, balanced and fully functional life.

I keep in mind that whatever I give my attention to, will indeed strengthen and intensify. The more I discuss, compare and analyse my symptoms, the more overwhelmed I will become.

I release the dreaded “What if…” thoughts that lead me to that downward spiral and, instead, settle into a comfortable and reassured space - one that keeps me mindful of the fact that withdrawal does not continue indefinitely and that the natural outcome is recovery.

I gently and without resistance, choose to trust in this remarkable process that is taking place. And while I patiently wait, I use my proven coping tools to nurture myself.

I breathe… I relax… I let go… knowing that with each passing day, in perfect timing and sequence, my health is being renewed. I see myself as becoming vibrant, healthy, whole and complete.