"We are writing to offer our thanks for the work that Dr Heather Ashton has done in the territory of Benzodiazepine withdrawal. The Ashton manual has turned out to be an inestimable asset in giving direction to our customers over the years. She has additionally given important criticism on past administration reports which have served to us to refine later versions that have been submitted to the Management Committee and Sponsors alike. Her discussions on the impacts of Benzodiazepines on the cerebrum have educated the two customers and stakeholders. She is a motivation to those of us who work around there and we are grateful for all that she has done.


Melanie Davis

Manager of the Tranquilizer Service Mind in Camden."

— — –

"I am composing this in the expectations that Professor C. Heather Ashton will be perceived for the universal work that she has finished with benzodiazepines worldwide.

Years back I approached Professor Ashton to compose something for a book I was assembling about the destructive impacts of benzodiazepines. shockingly and to the advantages of several thousands around the globe, she composed three parts that were so entire inside itself, we presently send her manual "Benzodiazepines: How They Work and How to Withdraw" otherwise called The Ashton Manual worldwide to sufferers, doctors, detox focuses, concerned relatives, etc.

She has given of herself eagerly for the 15 years I have had the joy of knowing her. Any cash that she has gotten, she gives to facilitate the cause. She really is a standout amongst the most surprising individuals I have had the joy of knowing internationally. She truly thinks about the individuals who have been hurt by this class of drug.

At the time when I initially reached Professor Ashton years back, there was nothing accessible in the United States to approve the misery that such a large number of experience because of taking this class of medication known as benzodiazepines. Her manual has not just helped thousands upon thousands recover their lives or even spare their lives, yet it is instructing the restorative field universally about this class of medication that is given out so ordinarily with so small comprehension of the risks that are engaged with the taking and withdrawal process.

If every one of those in the average field could have even 50% of the sympathy that she has, there would be such a great deal less enduring on the grounds that she tunes in and cares. I can't think about a man more meriting than Professor C. Heather Ashton to get respect for the work that she has done and how her function will keep on saving much suffering.


Geraldine Burns"

— — –

"I am a recuperated survivor of long term benzodiazepine habit. My addiciton began in the mid seventies and proceeded for a long time until 1987, when I at last pulled back. Shockingly, I didn't have the support and guidance of Professor Ashton's manual when I was in withdrawal as it had not be published.

In 2002, however, I recorded 'Safe Benzo Recovery' an exhortation and data tape (that was later to be refreshed to CD organization, and now, MP3) and Professor Ashton generously explored the contents earlier to recording, and furthermore provided a tribute for the cover. I felt tremendously regarded that she would do this for me.

I have huge profound respect and appreciation to her for supporting the benzodiazpeine withdrawal network. Her situation as a professor of psychopharmacology, loaned gravitus to our crusade to bring issues to light of the torment and pain experienced by those endeavoring to come off their physician endorsed medicine. This, at a time when the medicinal calling, the pharmaceutical business and government were to a great extent either denying or disregarding the enormous embarrassment benzodiazeopine addiciton had created amid the sixties, seventies and past. Sadly, little has changed.

The Ashton Manual turned into the book of scriptures for endless thousands of individuals, and in addition bolster specialists in emotional well-being foundations, associations and withdrawal gatherings. Her fearlessness in remaining solitary as a psychopharmacologist, and 'talking truth to control', merits the most noteworthy respect that the UK can bestow.

Thank you from Paula Kovacs"

— — –

"Dear Dr. Ashton:

I kept in touch with you years prior when I at long last found that benzos were my problem. I had trusted in the restorative calling for a considerable length of time that I had a synthetic irregularity in my mind and that all my wellbeing and mental issues were inferable thereto. I was buried in melancholy and despondency and pondered finishing my life incessantly. When I read your manual, it gave me recharged trust… .you spared my life.

I have now been off the medications for a long time and my wellbeing has experienced the first drugging. I am currently attempting to repair my gut and am doing the GAPS eating routine and seeing numerous successes. It is my feeling that these medications truly affect the gut and liver function. I do trust that we were magnificently made and can go ahead to heal.

I likewise run a care group on facebook called Healing From Psych Drugs. The entire involvement with these medications positively has changed my life… .numerous things for the better. I have had the chance to meet a portion of the best individuals in the world. I am ready to do numerous things currently: travel; invest energy with my loved ones; play music once more, and so on and I generally attempt to give back in the benzo community.

I realize that if not for you that numerous individuals would not be with us now or would be drugged to the point that their lives would hold no meaning. I can never thank you enough for all that you have done.

  1. Day"

— — –

"Heather Ashton is without question a woman who has dedicated her life to helping recommended benzodiazepine sedate addicts everywhere throughout the world. Her withdrawal Protocol has spare innumerable lives and the rational soundness of many. Her modesty in gaining from the casualties of these medications and running her own Clinic, separates her from her companions. She offers her Protocol for nothing out of pocket around the world. She is novel. An irregular and an extremely uncommon woman. The world would have been significantly darker without Heather in it and less safe.

I depend on her as a decent companion and have been special to be with her at Conferences and at supper, with my better half Susan. She is a happy individual and great organization and she is a decent listener.

Heather ought to be openly perceived for her gigantic diligent work, devotion in helping iatrogenic addicts worldwide and tuning in to others, since she minds deeply.

All our Love Heather and May God Bless You.

Barry and Sue Haslam.x"

— — –

Thanks to everybody who took the time and attempted to recognize Professor Ashton's work. With respect to me, I don't comprehend what might have happened in the event that I hadn't discovered the Ashton Manual. I do really trust I would have been misdiagnosed with numerous restorative "conditions" (on account of resilience withdrawal manifestations) and at this point would have been poly-medicated and scarcely functional.

Instead, I am sans medicine, clear, cheerful, and separated from the previous dystonia for which I was endorsed the pharmaceutical, am sound as well. Pulling back from the pharmaceutical was unquestionably justified regardless of the experience and I feel that it has made me more grounded, considerably stronger, more humane and grateful.

The positive effect that Professor Ashton's work has influenced must to never be disparaged. This isn't exclusively about decreasing techniques. It is about approval of our encounters and believability as well. The primary thing my GP did when I took him a printed duplicate of her Manual was search for the qualifications of the author. When he saw that she was a psycho-pharmacologist, he unhesitatingly consented to my tapering.

No one has taken the mallet from Professor Ashton. She is an uncommon and valuable gem who, albeit now resigned, keeps on buckling down and to help endeavors towards approach changes and damage reduction.

Thank you, Professor Ashton, from every one of us… with much appreciation, love and respect.


Vynne Baylissa Frederick

Audit of "Benzo-Wise" in the Norwegian Medical Association's Journal

Here is the first article: “Benzo-Wise: A Recovery Companion" Review:


The following is an audit of the Benzo-Wise book from Dr. Leo Campbell, North Carolina, USA:

"As a honing doctor I am very much aware of the trap we fall into of endorsing benzodiazepines as a snappy and exceptionally powerful fix for tension side effects, just to lament later as we understand we have made an age of medication subordinate people. What is more regrettable, benzos don't take care of the first issue causing the nervousness, so rather than one issue, the patient presently has no less than two. Furthermore, the all inclusive community has come to understand that benzos are extremely viable for treating uneasiness indications and now weight their specialists for these medicines, without understanding the risk that untruths waiting.

This effortlessly read, elegantly composed book fills no less than two valuable needs. It is instructive for doctors who may know these medications are emphatically addictive, yet don't have enough time with their patients to see the enthusiastic annihilation that regularly accompanies a basic medicine. For patients, it gives any desire for opportunity from medicate reliance, and solace, direction, and support as the physiology wanders aimlessly endeavoring to standardize itself. I have just started prescribing this book to companions and patients."


Overview of Benzodiazepines – Professor C Heather Ashton

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